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Location:   Roseville, CA, United States

Hi Folks, I love cards but need to take a break for a while. Will finish up current trades. Will decline with no prejudice offers I received in the last couple weeks that I could not respond to. I hope you will feel the same way. Happy to trade when I am back at it. Life, work, mother, taxes all take priority for a while. Go Giants!! Please save your cool Giants for me. By all means message me and I will respond when I can. Take care, Art 

My mom is home from hospital and getting better. However, I am very busy helping her, grocery shopping, taking her to appointments etc. Lots of driving. I will do trades but I may be slower to respond than usual but I will fill, pack and mail like I always do. I even will send out a few proposals.  I would rather be doing trades than helping my mother but I have to do for family before cards. Offers with SF Giants will take priority.  Thanks Art     


Currently looking to complete 23 Pristine base and refractor set as number one priority. I have base and refractor to trade for what I need. 

Buster Posey, Willie McCovey, Brandon Crawford, Sean Hjelle, Patrick Bailey top players for me.

Save your cool NY or SF Giants for me. Always welcome San Francisco Giants cards 2002 - 2020 not on want list if they are not in my collection yet. Goal of 10,000 SF Giants cards.

Working on 2021 Heritage Master set. Need Varieties mostly.

Heritage set collector. If you have Heritage base or SPs on my wantlist lets trade. Also welcome Heritage Inserts I don't have even if not on want list. 

I will only go to the PO on Monday morning and Friday morning to mail whatever trades have been accepted by the night before. 

Thanks Art  

"I love baseball" , "When the game is over honey" , "Go Giants Go Giants Go Giants". If you want a players quote then how about "Thanks Lon" by Willie McCovey


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Location:   Sioux Falls, SD, United States

Primarily I am a Minnesota Twins collector. Secondarily I am a set builder, mainly Topps baseball. I also collect Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Wild.

When it comes to trades, I ship almost exclusively in PWE - I'm meticulous in packaging (I use cereal box like material in every envelope w/ blue painters tape on all four sides. Envelopes are sealed with clear packing tape).

Ideal trade size is 1 to 18 cards and even up to 27 cards in a PWE too. All trades more than 27 will be jewel cased in a bubble mailer.

Please take a look at my want lists and for sale/trade lists and let me know if you'd like to work a trade. I'm constantly updating my collections, want lists and for sale/trade lists, so check back often.

Interesting Fact about me: My parents used to work for the company that packaged Score, Playoff, Pinnacle, Cardz, Sportsflix and Pokémon cards in the 1980's and 1990's.



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Location:   Ohio, United States

Any and all Braves cards from 1954 - Present (RIP Hank Aaron).

I have decided to scale back from trying to collect every Braves card ever made and concentrate on the sets I like. Lately it seems to be next to impossible to collect team sets since there are so many inserts, VAR, SP, and just all to many brands. Topps has once again turned collecting into $$$ for them by making so many different brands. The cost to collect is getting to be very expensive and making me question the hobby again. I still plan on trading and looking for the cards I am still missing.

Willing to trade just about anything for Braves cards......

I have been trying to do the impossible and collect the entire 2016 Topps and Update Sets. Any help would be appreciated!

2016 Topps - (Last Updated 4/12/24)

Base Set - Complete!

VAR - a ways to go!!!

100 Years at Wrigley - Complete!

All-Star - Complete!

All-Star Game - 63.7%

Amazing Milestones - Complete!

Amazing Milestones Gold - 20%

Back-To-Back - Complete!

Berger's Best - Complete!

Berger's Best (Series 2) - Complete!

Celebrating 65 Years - Complete!

Changing of the Guard - Complete!

Chasing 3000 - Complete!

First Pitch - Complete!

First Pitch (Series 2) - Complete!

Gold - 83.1%

Hallowed Highlights - Complete!

MLB Debut Bronze (Series 1 & 2) - Complete!

MLB Debut Silver (Series 1 & 2) - Complete!

MLB Debut Gold (Series 1) - 72.5%

MLB Debut Gold (Series 2) - 52.5%

MLB Debut Medallion (Series 1) - 15%

MLB Debut Medallion (Series 2) - 10%

MLB Wacky Promo - Complete!

Perspectives - Complete!

Pressed Into Service - Complete!

Purple - 4.9%

Rainbow Foil - 75.6%

Record Setters - Complete!

Rookie Variations - Complete!

Spring Fever - 92%

The Greatest Streaks - Complete!

Tribute to the Kid - Complete!

Walk Off Wins - Complete!

2016 Topps Update -

Base Set - Complete!

3,000 Hits Club - Complete! 

500 HR Futures Club - Complete!

500 HR Futures Club Gold - 10%

Chasing 3,000 - 83.3%

Fire - Complete!

First Pitch - Complete!

Gold - 31.3%

MLB All-Star Game Access - 56%

Rainbow Foil - 13.7%

Target Retail Exclusive Rookies - 0%

Team Franklin - Complete!

Walmart Retail Exclusive Rookies - 40%


If I do not respond right away to a message or trade offer, do not worry I will!


Member Since:   9/2/2018
Location:   United States

*Willing to buy cards in my wantlist*

Collecting: Brewers Gold Prizm cards, Topps and Topps Heritage Brewers team sets, Brewers autographs, and anything else Brewers that catches my eye! Dabble in vintage Milwaukee Braves when I can afford to. I’m mostly a singles buyer so my trade list is quite small and not very exciting, hence the statement up there at the top!


I do not distinguish between * or **, . Or no .



Member Since:   1/16/2022
Location:   IL, United States

PC White Sox 

Interested in trading only !



Member Since:   7/30/2019
Location:   Longwood, FL, United States

12/4/2023 - Updated my PC lists, so there will be a mass of Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente & Corbin Burnes cards available for sale/trade here soon.  As I mention below, my want list is quite narrow, so I am more than willing to sell cards if we don't match up for a trade.  


Came across towards the end of 2019, and I have now completed over 1,500 transactions, with over 23,000 cards changing hands!  Love everything about this site.  I have met so many cool people from all over the Country, and even a few from Canada and beyond. (Just completed a trade to Finland, as a matter of fact).

Stole this from another member, goal is to have zero cards in my For Sale/Trade List.  So keep the proposals comin'!

(I know my Want List is relatively small, so I am certainly willing to Sell cards if we don't have enough matches to work out a trade)

My PC list is as follows (with TCDB rankings as of 2/9/2024):

NBA: Giannis (4), Dirk Nowitzki (4), and Tim Duncan (2).  

NFL: Sterling Sharpe (3), and Don Majkowski (2)

MLB: Robin Yount (7), Tony Gwynn (6), Hal Morris (3), Mark Grace (7), Pat Listach (1) and Mark Langston (1)

Golf: Rickie Fowler (2)  & Joel Dahmen (2)

WWE: Lita (3)

UFC: Conor McGregor (4)

Non-Sport: Eddie Vedder, Judah Friedlander, Big Jay Oakerson, The Brothers Osborne (TJ & John), Rob Riggle, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Charlie Berens, Post Malone and Brody Stevens

Although I currently live in Florida, I was born in Milwaukee.....hence my obsession with Wisconsin sports teams.  Ha.

Please check out my For Sale/Trade list, and feel free to message me or send me trade proposals any time.....let's see what we can get done!  (I don't necessarily trade based on "book value", but rather the value to me, so please feel free to counter if I propose a trade that you feel is unfair.  I also have no rules about "insert for insert" or any of that nonsense, so don't be shy to shoot me a proposal)  

When all is said and done, be sure more is done than said.


Member Since:   12/6/2021
Location:   Milwaukee, WI, United States

My Primary Collections (check wantlist):

  • Teams
    • Milwaukee Brewers
    • Milwaukee Braves
    • Milwaukee Bucks
    • Nashville Predators/Milwaukee Admirals
    • New York Jets
  • Players
    • Robin Yount
    • Paul Molitor
    • Chad Pennington
    • Joe Namath
    • Don Maynard
    • Warren Spahn
    • Eddie Mathews
    • Pau Gasol
    • Antoine Walker
    • Joe Montana
  • Sets
    • Baseball:
      • 2002 Topps Archives Reserve
      • 2012 Panini Cooperstown
      • 2015 Panini Cooperstown HOF Crown Royale Die Cut Purple
      • 1982 Brewers Team Sets
    • Football:
      • 2004 Topps All Time Fan Favorites Autographs
      • 2001 Topps Archives Reserve
    • Basketball:
      • 1993-1994 Ultra Famous Nicknames
      • 2000-2001 Upper Deck NBA Legends
    • Non-Sport:
      • 1992 Impel DC Comics Cosmic
  • Others/Non-Card:
    • Players from any sport inducted into a Hall of Fame in 1982
    • MiLB Caps (Size 7 5/8)
    • Mascot Cards
    • Mascot Bobbleheads


Member Since:   11/15/2020
Location:   Minnesota, United States

I've been a baseball collector since the late 80's and love to trade.  I am primarily a set collector and belong to several online trading clubs.  My never ending goal is to collect all the regular issued Topps cards from 1952 to present.

My main collecting interests are vintage cards,  Minnesota Twins,  a few newer sets and Bert Blyleven.

Vintage sets:  1952 Topps, 1953 Topps, 1954 Bowman, 1954 Topps,  1955 Topps,  1956 Topps,  1957 Topps,  1963 Topps,  1967 Topps

Newer sets: 2004 Donruss,  2005 Donruss,  2012 Cooperstown.

* I prefer not to trade vintage cards (below 1976) for newer cards.

* Before delivering or accepting a proposal please make sure you have all of the cards.



Member Since:   7/16/2023
Location:   Galloway, NJ, United States



Thank you for your interest in my profile! My name is Jack and I'm a hobbyist & collector in southern NJ. I live in the greater Atlantic City area and am a lifelong supporter of Philadelphia sports franchises. I stepped away from the hobby for almost 30 years until my oldest son reignited my interest in mid-2023.



My personal collection of sports cards & memorabilia is mainly baseball. Go Phillies! I'm a set-builder, through-and-through and I especially enjoy the chase of hunting the variety of parallels, refractors, and inserts in recent Topps and Bowman sets (i.e., from about 2020 onwards).

I'm just now starting to explore the vintage card space, as well, but am warming to it a lot more slowly, mainly due to my own ignorance. I'm considering making the 1953 Bowman Color set my White Whale; they're just so attractive to the eye. However, I'm working on the 1957 Topps set as a more accessible entry point into collecting sets from the era. Please feel free to offer up additional suggestions.

I'm less interested in junk wax, but don't hold me to that.



A lot of my recent collecting has been focused on all manner of non-sports ​trading cards. I'm especially interested in products featuring characters from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek: TNG, or anything tied to pop culture of past eras. I'm also really starting to enjoy historical sets. Finally, I'm a child of the '80s and '90s, so I have a soft spot for anything released from about 1975 to 2000, but I can also appreciate oldies, especially if it's film or television.



  • Will consider trades of all shapes and sizes
  • Will also consider any purchase offers made in good faith
  • Will trade and ship to all 50 U.S. states, U.S. territories, U.S. military POs, and Canada with limited exceptions
  • Will consider other international trades if responsibility for payment of shipping costs is agreed upon in advance
  • Will ship via PWE with 'Non-machinable' label and sufficient First Class Mail postage by default, unless weight/size restrictions prevent doing so
  • Will happily send via other methods (e.g., with tracking enabled) upon request, especially for high-value items; prior agreement on this point must be established before either party sends out their leg of the trade, else the above, default method will take precedence
  • Love the site's PIF mentality; I try to keep trade proposals balanced and kindly ask my trading partners to do the same
  • Communication is the key — please accept/decline proposals in a timely manner, convey information about delays or returned packages, or just tell me that life is getting in the way and you need a few days


“The only real failure is to fail others.” — Philip K. Dick, "A Scanner Darkly"


Member Since:   8/27/2018
Location:   United States

Mariners cards. Any and all.

Goal: #1 M's collector on TCDb. Status: #1 (ca. 17 Mar 2024)

Rankings on TCDb in Collections of Some of my Favorite Mariners (and non-Mariners, non-baseball players, and teams) (ca. 17 Mar 2024): Logan Gilbert: #1; Felix Hernandez: #1; George Kirby: #1; Dylan Moore: #1; Cal Raleigh: #1; Kyle Seager: #1; Edgar Martinez: #2; Julio Rodriguez: #2; James "Cool Papa" Bell: #3; J.P. Crawford: #3; Mitch Haniger: #3; Ichiro Suzuki: #6; Seattle Kraken: #7; Bukayo Saka: #10; Barack Obama: #11; Ken Griffey, Jr.: #30; Arsenal FC: #82

  • If you would like to know the condition of any card in a trade or sale, please message me and I will send you a picture and/or do my best to describe it. We likely have different standards for "card condition", as I have never had a card graded or intend to do so. For any cards with which I've noticed defects (e.g., rough corners), I've tried to mark them with "Fair" or "Poor" ratings. I am still working on updating this for all cards.
  • I love trading, and I do my best to respond to every offer as quickly as possible; some weeks are busier than others.
  • I usually will withdraw trade proposals after a week or so, so I can free up those cards for other trades.
  • I'm slowly working on ensuring the small card variations (i.e., asterisks, periods, etc.) are correct, but please feel free to check with me during a trade.
  • I will gladly trade base cards for inserts/autos/etc. If you can offer a lot of base cards for a higher-valued card to get from me, I'm all for it.
  • I am more than happy to sell cards listed in my For Trade / For Sale list, too.
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Member Since:   11/21/2022
Location:   Bowmanville , Ont , Canada
  • Edouard Julien (TCDB #1
  • Bo Bichette (4)
  • Vlad Guerrero Jr (8)
  • Shohei Ohtani 
  • Gunnar Henderson
  • Royce Lewis 
  • Tom Brady 🐐 

I love trading, please send offers. 

Yes, I’m in Canada but don’t let that stop you from sending offers. We can keep the shipping down through a PWE. It doesn’t need to be expensive.  I have helped a few members out, who were hesitant to ship to Canada. All agreed it was easy and cheap. Any questions just reach out. 

Tip: Include the transaction ID number inside the package to help your trade partner identify the trade.


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Location:   Lompoc, California, United States

Food Sets, Ryne Sandberg, Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, Benchwarmers and lots of oddball stuff


After a couple years sabbatical I have started to trade again. I hope everyone is healthy and trading!! (updated 1/30/2023)



Member Since:   8/18/2022
Location:   Space Coast, Florida, United States

Updated 03/28/2024
In the process of clearing my Wantlist. If I have something you want please send an offer as I'll most likely move any cards that are not Padres.

My collecting focus is on any Padres player with them in their Sunday Military Appreciation Uniforms (Camo).  Also Camo relic cards. Which are found from 2006 on.  

I'm willing to trade singe card for single card or if you need any bulk I have I'm ok with shipping.

-US Navy Combat veteran 2002-2012




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Location:   Pennsville, NJ, United States

Thanks for reading my profile. I enjoy trading cards I don't need for those that I do. I've been in this hobby for many years (I remember opening 1955 Bowman packs at our local candy store)! I usually don't pull my end before making a proposal; most times, I'm trying to get a feel for how doable it is, and it saves me from having to refile cards if things fizzle out or if I'm countered.  I will, however, (usually) pull before accepting a trade.  Please counter, if need be!  Communication is key to good trading!   I have some physical may take me a bit to pull cards so your patience is appreciated!  

1.  My top priority is completing sets.  

2.  Recent Phillies teamsets and inserts.  I do multiple teamsets to help local Philthies Phans!

3. Older Phillies teamset needs..all brands.

As mentioned, I love to trade, will reluctantly sell ... cheap, if we cannot swap!  PLMK what I have that you can't live without!  Phillies is my team, through thick and (mostly) thin!  PWE trades are great and assumed unless we agree otherwise - bubbles used if worth the shipping costs!  Slowing down though - the old body won't let me hoss those 5000 count boxes too much - thanks in advance for your patience with me!!

On August 9, 2006, (Harry) Kalas called a close play at the plate as Chase Utley scored from second base on a routine groundout against the Atlanta Braves: Chase is going to keep going and he's safe at home plate! Chase Utley,!


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