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I collect baseball, basketball and football: big collector of what I consider the "golden" age of inserts from 1995-2001ish; emphasis on Ken Griffey Jr from that time period, but really all the late 90s stars. I have started to PC Julio Rodriguez as of late and enjoy having a newer player to collect. For football I collect Tom Brady, Drew Bledsoe and other cool NE Patriot cards and for basketball I collect Giannis. 

Took a hiatus in collecting around 2010, but started back up in 2018, so have been trying to keep up on rookies from Baseball, Basketball, Football in addition to adding any RCs from the past that I've missed. 

I really enjoy trading on this site! I've acquired cards I would've never dreamed I'd be able to get, so any proposal big or small is welcome! Open to sending large quantities for a single if the situation is right. Even if you don't have any matches with my FS/T list, please still feel free to send a message my way! I'm happy to browse through others collections to make a trade work. I am also not opposed to traders asking about things in my collection; doesn't hurt to ask and almost everything has a price.

My current mailing days are Tuesdays and Fridays. 





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