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US Army Combat Vet. (Iraq x 3, Afghanistan x 1) Originally from Brooklyn, NY. Older than I look.

Trades have been officially shut down as of 8:30 PM (PST) on 9/19/2020 so I can get caught up. I have 550K cards and only 124K catalogued. Need to get caught up so I'm not trading for stuff I actually have. (It's happened twice. Lol)

UPDATE: Major stoppage due to health issues. Had to hold back on major reoganization. Starting to piece back in now. Trades will resume eventually. (1/4/21)

Collecting since 1984.  Everything baseball that I don't have--I want. Cards listed under the "For Trade" collection are available for trade. (There will be a lot of Basketball and Football listed soon.)

Set collector. Trades only...  Not in this to make or spend money.

-Baseball: 1948 Bowman and everything from then on in Baseball. PC: Mattingly. (Also Rick Cerone, Ripken, Gwynn and NY Yankees)

-Football: 1977-2011 Topps, 1991-1994 Upper Deck, 1989-1991 Pro Set and Score. PC: Simms, Hostetler (Giants Only), Eli Manning.

-Basketball: 1977-78 through 2009-10 Topps, 1986-1995 for everything else.

-Whatever Hockey I happen to come across. Focus on Topps and early Upper Deck.

-Various Non-Sport sets including: Marvel, 80's Batman, Jurassic Park, GI Joe, 80's movies, Desert Storm, etc. (Will update soon)

-Multi-sport sets if they include baseball.

-Mattingly Doubles PC collection are doubles based on my main collection. (If it's not in the main, collection I don't own it.)

I also write Science Fiction. If you get bored, go to my website and read some of the short stories.

Happy to be here and excited to find a tool to catalog my cards. I have wanted something like this for 36 years.  


Quote:   Got to thinking... maybe I'm the Dragonborn and I just don't know it yet.




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