Member Since:   12/28/2018
Last Login:   4/13/2024
Points:   338
Location:   Richardson, TX United States
Collection:   18,305 cards



Feel free to shoot me a trade proposal--small, medium, or large--and I'll follow up as soon as possible. I am usually quick to respond, but I can get busy during the work week. Trading commons for commons, stars for stars, RCs for RCs, etc....you know the drill.

My collecting interests include:

  • Set Building
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Brian Dozier (#1 rank on TCDB)

NOTE: I have various Chrome/Finest/Prizm cards on my wantlist. I will trade for them. But please don't offer them (or send them) if they are all scratched up. If you store these types of cards loose (without penny sleeve), then they are most likely scratched up. But if you store them sleeved, then we are good to go. I am not going to be putting them under a microscope and I am not expecting gem mint; I simply want nicely cared for cards.





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