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Nolan Ryan, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken, and other HOFers and Rookies. . First come first serve trades so if you were the first person to send me a trade you will be the first person I will agree or counter offer the trade. 
I will trade football for baseball

I live in the Piney Woods ( East Tx) and I work in the Permian Basin (West Tx and South Eastern NM). When a away at work i am usually gone 14-19 days and over 500 miles away from my cards.  There are many times i maybe sleep deprived so what i may type may look like a jumbled mess and I apologize for that.  May next days off are April 8-20. The following days off i may not be able to trade much getting things ready for my youngest daughters graduation.  On the other hand while I am at home I also run my ranchett. I am up before daylight and stop working when the sun goes down. (I only have about 2 more miles of a 5 stand barb wire fence to replace by myself) also attending Beefmaster cattle, and a rabbitry, and a Pine Harvest that i must maintain and still cleaning up from the 2021 freeze.  During the summer i ask to bare with me for they are longer days and harder hours.  Now on Saturdays ( both of them) i relax playing catchup on trades that i havent gotten to respond to or got a pole in the water drink beer listening to the radio and just unwind

Choice is yours his mother said You can pick the easy way what you put into life you’ll get out of it each man or woman pays his price one day - John Wayne




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