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I am a minor. My dad is statsnerd, so if I do a trade you will have to wait to him to send my stuff out. The stuff I collect is:

Baseball: I like vintage and newer, I will not touch anything 86-94 unless it is a big name, food brand, topps gold, or a good insert.

Basketball: I like mostly anything in basketball, except commons. But vintage commons are fine aswell.

Football: My favorite of the 4, I will take anything from 94 and back, and 98 and forward. Except commons.

Hockey: 91 and back or opeechee, 85 and back topps

Multi-sport: it is either the card I want or a topper for the trade.

Non-sport: same thing as multi-sport

Soccer: Do not know much about soccer, but anything 2016 and forward I will look at.

Sets I am working on: 2021 score football 74.5% done

"I like a lot of things, except commons"





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