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​​​Hello Transactions off and on. I am currently NOT trading. I do not sell cards. I only collect and trade." Don't be offended πŸ˜‚ if I decline some offers some are: just ridiculous, super busy at work, or maybe not really worth the trade to me.

How to pack a PWE:

I might trade to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ EU, Israel and other countries but it would need to be something unique.

Out of the USA? Trades must be 15 or less cards

I usually never "Buy"

webull free stocks always fun

WhatsNot Promo Get $10 Bucks to buy cards here > after your 1st purchase

Lots of stuff to trade in various categories.

Mercari? Get up to $30 when you get started. Use code CHNDWD

I Send out Mail Now ONLY  once a week sometimes twice. But it's possible it may be two weeks depending on when it goes thru.

If it is on my trade list, it does not mean I need it. I don't make sets usually :) But it might be there from a former trade or a card I might take if it helps a reasonable trade.

I expect cards from 1980 forward mint corners sharp no print defects I also demand no creases and gum stains on the back. I won't send a card with gum stains or creases so I expect the same respect.

If your feedback is 0 or very low you agree to send first.

I reserve the right only if needed to swap cards for other cards on a person's want list if a card cannot be located. 


Trades must be worth Trading as Postage adds up quick





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