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I PC - Don Mattingly, I do have a lot of his cards but odd balls, numbered cards, and some from 2020 that I've slacked on I still need.

Topps Base Sets 1951-1968

Variants, Variants, Variants, all brands. I'm looking at "junk era cards right now".

Also check out my football card wants. Especially 1990 Pro Set Variants.

Thanks for visiting my page, I've got a bit of a problem, I'm trying to collect any set that I have more than 50% of the set collected already. So if you see that we have a match on a rather weird card, or sticker, yes I do want it. 

I try my best to list my doubles for what they are, meaning, variants or errors. However, sometimes I'm not 100% right. Please ask first but they should be right.

I try to keep up with my list now, so everything should be up to date. I did send some rookie cards off to be graded so if you request one, I may come back with I just sent it off. Just started listing all my doubles, so..No matter what card you need, big or small send me a message. If it's a 1988 Score Steve Jeltz and you need it, let me know, lol.

I'm happy to trade or sell. If you see something you need please don't hesitate to reach out. I've got boxes of doubles I'm ready to move.

I've traded through facebook previously, but was convinced to list my doubles here so here we go!





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