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Primarily a set builder, Dallas Cowboys, Rod Carew, Mike Trout. I'd collect Ted Williams if I could afford it. I love the Red Foil Parallel of 2014 Topps, I'll probably be asking for those in any trade I can.  And I'd like to get as many cards from players from my first high school as possible [https://www.tcdb.com/List.cfm/lid/6158/Jesuit-High?C=0]


Looking to work on sets pre-1986 (baseball and football) and recent Heritage/Big League, and a few PCs. 

Note:  I've had trades turned off for awhile.  Maybe my trade list and my want list don't match very well?  But if you have a bunch of my wants and I have a bunch of your wants... from the same era/similar sets... message me.  I'm open.



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Jesuit High by Splinter_9
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