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I've tried to keep NM or better for 1990-present, and NM or so for pre-1990. There are (naturally) centering issues with products that are known for it, but nothing beyond the norm. My eyes aren't what they used to be though, so if I miss anything, please let me know so I can make it right!

I tend to throw out a lot of trades at a time. As I'm making them, I just try to match up value in my head as I go. I'm not always right, as I'm just guessing in the moment, so if it seems lopsided, feel free to counter or decline! But please don't take it personally!

There are so many people trading on TCDB and so many trade matches coming up, it's really hard to keep track of user names. So if I throw out multiple trades to you in a short time, I'm not spamming you - I just forgot that I offered one recently.

I like to give three days on trades I've offered before I withdraw them in order to clear up cards for other trades. I don't take it personally if a trade offer gets no response - people have lives to live beyond TCDB, and I understand that! If a trade is meant to be, it's meant to be, and we'll get to it eventually!

In general, I try to get all accepted trades in the mail as soon as possible. I work in a building with its very own post office, so this means I will generally drop mail off Monday through Friday. If a trade is accepted before (roughly) 5:00 PM MST, I can usually get it in the mail the next morning. Anything after 5:00, I will do my best, but it doesn't always happen and sometimes will go out the day after.

Cards have different values for different people. What's valuable to me may not be valuable to you, and vice versa. So, if I make a trade offer that seems lopsided, please feel free to counter! And if i counter you, please don't be offended! If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out - there are a lot of cards out there, and a lot of time, so we'll get to that trade eventually!

I generally leave feedback when the trade is complete and I get the reminder in my notifications - TCDB is a bit rudimentary, and I don't want to leave double feedback or forget it all together.

Always collecting Angels! Trout & Ohtani specifically right now, but always interested in others! Also love modern cards of inner circle Hall of Famers, like Mantle, Mays, Williams, Robinson, Koufax, etc.

Building a Topps Rookie Cup and Topps Team Card run - I'm wary of trading for vintage, but am looking for them in the following conditions:

Pre-1974 - VG-VGEX (no creases)

1974-1980 - EXMT-NM

1981-Present - NM-MT

EARLY 2000's TOPPS TRIBUTE & ARCHIVES RESERVE - I'm trying to complete these sets, so I'm basically only interested in trading within them.

UPPER DECK "HEROES" SETS - Most of these I'm looking for full sets only, particularly the early ones. The later ones (Jeter, DiMaggio) I'm willing to trade individual cards

Not really interested in trading for the Topps Star Wars cards, as I'd like to just get complete sets.





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