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Thank you for visiting my page!

**** 17 SEPTEMBER 2022 - I'VE OPENED TRADING BACK UP. I'm still going through a massive card lot that I bought and will be adding new cards to my trade list daily. I have 21,000+ so far up for trade. Please send me an offer if you are interested! Thank you! ****

I started out at TCDB as a Baltimore Orioles and Washington Captials team collector. Orioles and Capitals cards are still my priority, but I have grown into a set collector as well, a biproduct of purchasing a large collection. There are not many sets I want to complete. Collecting Orioles and Captials is my short-term goal. Completing the sets is my long-term.

My favorite Orioles players are Cal Ripken, Mike Mussina, and Rafael Palmeiro. My favorite Capitals players are Dale Hunter, Peter Bondra, Chris Simon, Olaf Kolzig and Alex Ovechkin.

Here's where I'm at on completing baseball sets (click the set name to go to my wantlist for each set). Any help is greatly appreciated!


Grading: I am not a card grader. If asked, I will grade a card based on the PSA standards ( and give fair assesment of a card's grade. I'm not insterested in obtaining cards to slab or sell and do not have any slabbed/graded cards. I'm just not that kind of collector.

Card Conditions: As many traders do, I get my cards from a variety of sources such as flea markets, garage sales, online lot sales, etc... I can't control the condition of these cards like I would if they were directly from my own collection. BUT, what I can do is openly communicate to a trading partner the condition of the cards they want. If there is a glaring defect on a card, I will let you know about it.

  • Pre-1980s: May have some minor corner wear. If there is a defect, like a crease or a wax stain on the card, it will be noted in the description and that info passed to the trade partner.
  • Post-1980: All cards should be in Near Mint condition. Corner wear or other defects will be noted in the card description and I will pass that info on to the trade partner.

Card Variations: I try my best to accurately select card variations within the database (even the 1990 Donruss Baseball!). If you are a variation collector and wish to know about a card, please ask and I will double-check that the variation is correct for you.

Fair Trades: I try to stick to era for era, popularity for popularity. If you're asking me for Hall of Famer cards, please offer up some Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Mike Mussina, Jim Palmer, etc... in return. If offering common cards for HoFs, please offer multiple commons for HoFs. I also don't mind trading across multiple sports such as trading football for baseball or non-sport. If it's on my tradelist, it's avaiable for trade regardless of what sport (or non-sport) the card is in.

Pricing: I use the pricing on TCDB combined with pricing on Sportlots, ComC, and eBay past sales for pricing. I'm not a "down-to-the-penny" trader. If cards are in the same price ballpark (pun intended), that's fine. "Value" is how much the card is worth to the trader, not the pricetag on it. Also, I don't sell cards.

Trade Sizes: I'm open to all sizes of trades, but prefer PWE over larger trades. The tradeoff is they are much easier to manage, but I feel like I'm picking away at my wantlist instead of making huge progress with it. PWE (less than 24 cards): If the trade is less than 24 cards, I'm going to assume it is a PWE trade unless you note otherwise. PWE trades, if they are packed properly to protect the cards, are great! I will do the same to ensure your cards get to you safely and I ALWAYS pay the extra postage for non-machineable sorting. Larger Trades (more than 24 cards): Just a warning. These larger trades will take longer for me to process and package, especially if cards are from many different sets or there are variations involved (I'm looking at you 1990 Donruss!). I place larger trades in a soft plastic bubble-wrapped envelope with tracking. I always forward the tracking # to the trade partner.


  • Upload the missing images of cards I have in my collection to the TCDB site.
  • Reach 50 trades.✔️ COMPLETED ON 3-4-2022
  • Exceed 4,000 Orioles cards in my collection (I just went over the 3,000 card mark on 1-8-2022). ✔️ COMPLETED ON 3-2-2022. Exceeded 5,000 Orioles cards on 5-2-22. Exceeded 6,000 Orioles cards on 5-7-22.
  • Complete all of the Bowman base Orioles team sets in my collection (maybe not the 1954 and 1955 years... yet). ✔️ Completed the 1954 and 1955 Bowman Orioles teams on 5-7-22. Gotta work on the rest!
  • Exceed 800 Capitals cards in my collection (I'm currently at 643 on 1-8-22).
  • Make some more friends at the TCDB.

Thanks for stopping by! HAPPY COLLECTING!

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