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I am shutting down trading for the foreseeable future due to school starting up again and me working a part time job in addition. So, Im going to be working around 75 hours per week which will pretty much prevent me from trading for now. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

About Me:

My name is Gabe Simmons, and I am currently a 22 year old 4th year student at the University of Virginia majoring in computer science. Unfortunately, due to COVID, I have decided to remain at home for at least the fall semester -- so much for my last year in college. But anywho, I am in Air Force ROTC and will be entering either the Air Force or the Space Force upon graduating next May. I'm very excited to serve this great country and am eager to get started! I am also a lifelong baseball player who did the whole shebang growing up: little league, little league all stars, travel ball (on 5 different teams!), middle school ball, high school ball, legion ball, showcase events, college summer leagues, and currently club baseball at UVA (NOT varsity. I am not that good haha). I love competition and will play pretty much any sport with a ball -- and you can count on me taking it way too seriously! 

While I did play basketball throughout my life as a secondary sport and even played in high school, I am not amazing at it. I excelled only as an "energy guy" (a nice term for bench warmer) and an occasional shooter who plays pesky, annoying defense. But, I may or may not have done a thing on live television. :)

I grew up in a military family, and as such, was constantly moving when I was younger. Thus, I quickly became a fan of all the Philly pro teams (and Penn State football) since that is who my parents rooted for. While my friends were watching spongebob, I was watching football, hockey, and baseball almost since I was 5 years old. I have since, obviously, become a huge fan of UVA athletics since attending. We've had a fantastic run in my time here, from bringing the football team back from irrelavance to ACC Coastal Division champions, and having a heart-stopping run to both the 2019 lacrosse and most notably basketball national championships. I will never forget winning the basketball natty -- what a crazy night that was!

As for my interest in the hobby, I started as a 9 year old after receiving a pack of 2007 Topps Opening Day as a gift. So, while my peers were spending their allowance on video games and such, I spent my allowance on a few packs of cards every few weeks or so. Even in 2007, it was very difficult as a kid to collect cards with the prices of packs being so high (back in the day, it was a steady $2 per pack of flagship Topps -- both retail and hobby -- and that was all I could collect.) That is why I am such a huge proponent of getting kids back involved with some sort of cheap sets in which packs are about 25-50 cents each for 10-15 cards. With the current state of the market, it is next to impossible to get kids involved if their parents are not buying the cards for them (my parents would never have done that for me).  Anyway, since 2007 I've been pretty consistently collecting baseball cards really only taking breaks for school, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.


Collecting Interests:

Baseball -- Typically Topps flagship, Update, and Chrome annually, plus any other sets I feel like collecting, trying to put a 1953 Topps set together, rookie cards (Especially 1950s-1995).

I also collect Aaron Nola cards. I'm always looking to add my my Nola collection! 

Beyond that, I know my wantlist is a bit narrow, but if you have some cool Phillies cards that I dont have, I might he willing to trade for those even if they aren't on my official wantlist. Message me and we can try to work something out. I'm always open to sending or receiving cash in trades if necessary.


My Collecting Goals -- last updated in late July. 

*Note: My goals are in no particular order, are very general, and have no real time frame for when I want them to be completed. Use these just as general guides for how I collect.


Trading Rules:

Rule 1: Like for Like

very much would prefer to trade like for like. This means I tend to not like trading one $10 card for 100 10 cent cards. In this case, from a monetary perspective, the $10 card is worth significantly more since it is much more liquid and can be moved much more quickly and easily then 100 commons. Obviously, we are often trading for our own collections, and there will be exceptions to this guideline, but I have observed that most people have a bias towards dumping loads of low value cards onto me in return for one or several higher value cards -- there is a reason for that. 

Rule 2: Relatively Fair Deals

Next, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep trades relatively balancedIt is not that hard to do some research to determine the price of cards -- I typically will use ebay prices for any cards over $10 in value, COMC for cards between $1-10, and common sense intuition for cards below $1 (Trust me, when you've seen enough cards, you know the difference between a 50 cent card and a 5 cent card). I understand that you might just not have very much in your trade list that matches with my wantlist, but that is no excuse to offer 10 late '80s commons to me for a Fernando Tatis Jr. Topps rookie card (yes, that happened). If you do not have enough cards to offer for what you want in return... CONTACT ME!!! I am happy to try and work something out with you, and you might even have something that interests me that I do not directly have on my wantlist. Or, if worse comes to worse, I am always open to selling cards, or doing a partial trade with half cards and half cash. But if you just make horrible offers like the example above with no explanation, that leaves me with a first impression of you that you either (a) are trying to swindle me or (b) did not bother to research the value of the involved cards or are just generally clueless about their value. Neither of those are a good look, so please just don't do it. 

Now, I'm not saying trades offers have to be like within a dollar of each other or I'll get super offended or anything like that -- just keep it reasonable. What I mean by that is if you asked a random informed collector whether the offer is lopsided, they should answer "No."

Rule 3: Overproduction era commons for current era commons

Look, let's not kid ourselves, overproduction era cards can generally be had dirt cheap. Now, that's not to say I won't trade for them if they are on my wantlist. Quite the contrary -- I'd love to trade for anything on my wantlist! However, I've found that most people now are not looking for overproduction era cards in return (for obvious reasons). That is completely fine; however, supply and demand must take effect. I will have a much easier time trying to trade 2019 Topps commons than 1989 Topps commons, right? Thus, it seems pretty logical that the '19 cards are worth more than the '89 cards. For that reason, I have a general rule of thumb in which I will trade 2 for 1 in favor of whoever is receiving the overproduction era ccmmons, whether it is you or me receiving the overproduction era cards is irrelevant. For example, if you offer me 100 1991 Topps commons in exchange for 100 2020 Topps commons, I will ask you to either reduce the number of cards you want in return, or to increase what I am receiving. 

Again, this is a very general rule of thumb, and there are exceptions, as always. Common sense rules the day.

Rule 4: Condition

Based on the previous "rules" you probably think I am a huge stickler who gets easily offended by my pet peeves... I mean you're not wrong. ;) But seriously, I'm not too big of a stickler for condition -- especially of older cards. The term I often use is "presentable." If these cards are going towards a set, especially an older set, I want the cards to be presentable. If I had to put a grade on the cards by era that I am willing to trade for, I'd go with this:

From when God created the heavens and the earth through 1970 (pre-1970): ALWAYS communicate condition. Condition matters so much for vintage cards that, even for commons, the condition must be communicated before accepting a trade.

1970-1985: VG or better

1986-1993: EX or better

1994-2005: EX-NM or better

2006-present: NM or better

Again, I am not a huge stickler though. If your cards don't fall within these grades, let me know and we can probably still work something out.

Shipping Methods: 

I have no preference in regards to PWE or bubble mailer, I am open to both. My general rule of thumb is this:

- Bubble mailers will be used if any card involved in the trade exceeds $10 in value.

- Bubble mailer will be used if the total value of the cards being traded exceeds $20 in value.

- Bubble mailers will be used for any trade of more than 80 cards or so, no matter the value.

- Anything not meeting the above three criteria will be sent in 1-3 PWE(s) with a max of 27 cards per envelope. Cards will be placed into 9 page pocket at a max of 3 cards per pouch, folded over each other, and placed between thin pieces cardboard (typically cereal boxes or the like) taped together.

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