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Last Login:   8/8/2020
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From:   Portland, OR United States
Collection:   2,094 cards




  1. Kansas City Royals, George Brett (for details see #ForeverRoyals, my post in the team forum)
  2. Kansas City Monarchs, Jackie Robinson, Buck O'Neil, and any Negro League *
  3. AL stars, especially players who spend most or all of their career in AL
  4. Hall of Famers and eligible Hall of Famers 
  5. Secondary allegiances: Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox
  6. Niche: Players with eyeglasses
  7. Portland, Oregon minor-league teams (Beavers, Mavericks)
  8. Oregon State Beavers MLB drafted players

*New goal, starting 2020, to build a collection from scratch #BlackLivesMatter


  • Topps, Bowman, O-Pee-Chee, Allen & Ginter, Donruss Diamond Kings, some fancy Panini
  • Specialty: Local sponsor cards for KC Royals and above-mentioned AL stars

Why I collect

Love of baseball, love for the cards. I like to carefully view and read my cards. Touching the cards takes me back and I enjoy time spent sifting through and curating cards. It's also fun to trade through the mail. I put my collection in 3-ring binders and vinyl pages. 

Thank you, TCDB

As I grow in collecting I find my appreciation and affection for this site also rises. Whoever the founders and operators of Trading Card Database are, thank you. I would like to see carry on as a great space and community for collectors. 





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