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1948-1999 Topps & Bowman baseball

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1987 Topps All-Star Rookies by RoundtheDiamond87
Last updated on Sep 13, 2016
Panamanian Major League Ballplayers by RoundtheDiamond87
Last updated on Jan 15, 2016
1986-1990 Topps Turn Back the Clock Series by RoundtheDiamond87
Last updated on Aug 30, 2016
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1985-1986 Garbage Pail Kids Series 2, 3, 4

 Okay, I know these are not baseball cards. They are Topps cards though. GPK's are really a niche collector's item that I think impacted only a small subset of collectors from a particular age group. Essentially, I think the primary collectors of GPK's would have been those born in the 1970's and early 1980's. It would be nice to take a poll of collectors to see what year they were all born. I would think that the majority of serious collectors would have been born between 1973-1981, but it's really hard to tell. These things came out between 1985-1988, but the real heyday of GPK collecting occurred between 1985-1986 when the first 6 series came out. 1987 was probably more of a transition zone, when series 7-11 came out. GPK was pretty much dead in 1988 when series 12-15 came out. There was a series 16 scheduled to come out in 1989, but that was held off until 2003 when the All-New Series came out. I figured ages 5-10 were the primary collecting ages for this product, which is how I came out with the birth years of the serious collectors. I would be curious as to how many people born before 1973 took these things seriously when they first came out. I would also be interested to know if anyone came on board after series 10, when it really started to die out. Prices on these things have really sky-rocketed over the past 6-8 years. Everything has essentially doubled to quadrupled in price during that timeframe. I'm glad that I compiled all 15 sets before this happened. I'm actually only missing 1 card, which is an OS15 #617a diecut. About 10 years ago, I purchased multiple sets for upgrades and variations. For example, OS1 has both a matte back and glossy back set. OS2 has a messy tessie matte back, a messy tessie glossy back, and a live mike glossy back set. OS15 has both a diecut and a non-diecut set. These were the major differences that took a while to complete. Also, there were a few name changes in OS4 that took some work to collect. I've been selling off a bunch of OS2, OS3, and OS4 sets at what would be considered cheap prices today because of what I was able to pay for them a few years ago. I just don't have time to list singles any more so it'll probably be another 5 years before I'm able to get to those ones from OS1-OS10 mostly.


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