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Tim Raines, Gary Carter and Vladimir Guerrero (Sr!) on any team.

Also looking for Expos/Nationals, and OPC /Bowman baseball.


Goal Progress for 2022 (last edited July 1, 2022)

1) 17/26 needed to reach 20% of all Tim Raines cards. (I have changed my collection wants so that I actually am over 20% of what I am trying to collect, but, my original goal was 20% of all cards, so I am sticking with that goal for the sake of this progress report.)

2) 2/17 needed to reach 100% of all 80s Expo OPeeChee cards. No progress in May.

3) Add 100 Gary Carter cards to the PC

        15/100 (aiming for 590 total)

4) Add 100 Tim Raines cards to the PC

        17/100 (aiming for 551 total)

5) Add 200 Vlad Sr cards to the PC (he has way more cards than the first two guys so its a lot easier to find them.)

        57/200 (aiming for 1149 total)

6) Get my Steve Rogers and Charlie Lea collections to over 50% of all their cards:

              Steve Rogers = 40.9%

              Charlie Lea = 62.9%

7) Get my Expos collection sorted by set and year :

             -So far, Upper Deck, OPC, Topps, Donruss, Stadium Club, Leaf, Bowman, Pinnacle, and Score are done. Fleer is now done. Pacific is still not done, but close.

8) Finish off one more OPC set. Probably already have the cards in the house to complete 90 91 or 92 set.

             -After negative progress in May on this, having gone backward in 86 OPC, I followed that up with a stellar June going backward in 90 OPC too! I thought I was down to one in 90, but turns out its more like 7. Most of those are Expos so likely they are here just gotta find them (one of the tricky parts of some sets is that I need two Expos, one for the OPC set and one for the team set.).

However....86 OPC is now completed thanks to a couple of trades and an Ebay pick up of the Ripken...which I found another copy of a few days later in a box to sort... 

 9) find my 82 OPC do you lose a whole set!?

            - gave up...



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