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Not trading much ATM. NOt turning off proposals, but I'm not checking daily like I was earlier in the year...some weeks I'm only on once a week or so...busy w/ the supply chain and labor shortages



Still actively trading for all vintage needs. In the process of adding condition notes to my vintage FT list. Most of my vintage HOFers are packed up for a show the weekend of Aug 12 in KC, so I may be slow to respond to any trade involving them.



Adding some more modern stuff to my reiterate from earlier posts, I'm really only looking to trade Modern Dupes for Modern Needs....very rarely will I be interested in trading Vintage for Modern stars/RCs....even rarer vintage for Modern commons.



Completed several trades lately, thank you to those that have worked out deals with me! Typically speaking, I'd like to trade Vintage for Vintage and Modern for is just easier to match up value for all involved.

RE: Vintage this isa  rough guide of the floor for what I am looking for condition wise...will always accept better condition than these guidelines, but don't want to go below them most of the time,

1956 & older - Good & up. No paper loss/writing.

1957 & 1958 - VGish...I'm ok with creasing on the card if it still presents well...again no paper loss or writing, unmarked checklists please.

1959 & 1961 - 1970 - EX+, relatively sharp corners, no worse than 70/30 front centering typically, no writing/paper loss

1971 - G/VG/EX - Better condition are welcome, but this set is such a b*tch, I'll basically take what I can get :)

1972 - 1978 - Ex+/NM, well centered, decent corners, nice color.

Wax stains don't bother me at all.



Dudes, and Dudettes...I am so far not regretting my delay in joining the trading platform on this site...I've recieved a dozen or so trade offers, 2 I accepted withough delay because they were basically even all around......4-6 I'm still kicking around wheter or not it is worth a counter becuase they are all pretty unbalanced...asking me for Bowman Chrome RCs, SPs, etc for basically commons in bulk............Not completely unrealistic, but still, they are not what I am looking for.......and like, 4-6 trades have been just insulting....No, I'm not trading 20+ Heritage SPs for 70s commons. I mean, come on man, don't waste your time or mine with that stuff. I am 100% for helping people out, and don't need to 'WIN' every trade, but I'm not a sucker either.


Hey everyone...I've been around this site for years, but used it only to track my main PC and vintage sets... I've just recently started adding my entire collection, and it has led to major influx of trade offers. (I didn't even realize this site HAD messaging until about 5 minutes ago, so I apologize if ice neglected your messages)


Couple things on trades I'm looking for...

If I need a bunch of commons/semi stars in recent sets, that's pretty much the kind of stuff want to trade for them...not looking to trade an Acuna Rookie for a stack of 500 Commons or anything...

Vintage is priority...I'm updating my vintage stuff to reflect my extras, I will add a condition guide here in the coming days to focr you all an idea of the condition I'm after In each enlarge I am NOT looking for beaters...there are very few exceptions to this.

Don't hesitate to toss me an offer...I plan on being much more active in the coming weeks/months in getting some sets built and helping others complete theirs!!


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