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Barry Larkin primarily, also a set collector (mostly Allen & Ginter, both original 1800s and the modern Topps sets)

LEGO  (Don't have anything I'm looking for?  I'll happily trade baseball cards for LEGO stuff)!

I have my own baseball card collecting Discord server (see my profile for an invite link)!  I host contests, giveaways, and plenty of group breaks over on my Discord!  I also run my own baseball card group break page over on Facebook though most of the action has moved over to the Discord to keep things all in one place.

Finally, I am willing to sell cards from my For Trade lists but I now require a potential buyer to include their price in their initial request.

Shipping only to USA and Canada currently.  Trades involving 9 or fewer cards will be shipped via PWE (cards in a row of a 9-pocket page) unless other arrangements are made prior to the completion of the trade.  

I'm willing to sell if you don't have anything to offer in return that I need.  I'm also willing to buy if I don't have anything to offer in return to you!  Shoot me a message.




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