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Cards From the Night Owl

 These arrived to me a while back, before I had the laptop in the hospital and when I wasn't feeling as well as I am now. However, I just want to show today me in the physio gym standing doing an exercise. Today was the first day wearing full clothing rather than the hospital gown.

The Occupational Therapist asked me to smile..

Now, onto the regularly scheduled blog content 

Some random cards here including a Rediscover Topps Galarraga

These are NICE!!! 1980 TCMA Syracuse Chiefs. At the time they were a Jays farm team and were for many years. Some recognizable names here too: Mitch Webster, Lloyd Moseby, Willie Upshaw, Jackson Todd, Doug Ault and Garth Iorg. 

I know I thanked you on Twitter, but here's a proper thank you, Greg!


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