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June 2024 - A&G entry about halfway thru.  Been adding Capitals from Upper Deck and Tim Horton's since lots of you have them available.

Now I'll just be entering older stuff, but probably won't do overproduction and will only do vintage for specific trades.  Entering condition etc. is a lot.

Now up to 275 trades!  Sorry I'm slow entering feedback.  I let them stack up to about 10 ...or 20... and knock them out at once.  I promise I will leave feedback eventually.  I include my nickname on all trades.  Nicknames are much more distinctive than six digit numbers to find trades in the list.

I am still in the process of entering my tradeables on the database.  Have entered 1994 thru 2021 baseball* and 2008 thru 2020 football so far*.  I've got somewhere near 20 total monster boxes of available cards to enter, so bear with me for a while.  I can usually dig other stuff out and enter it on the fly.

I am not concerned with matching value or volume on trades.  I will do my best to send more than I receive whenever possible.  I would prefer to get something more than base if I'm sending inserts, s/n or GU etc. unless it's only a few among a big batch.  Would prefer to at least partially fill an envelope with a half dozen or so instead of one or two unless there's nothing else needed between us.

If I list a variation, I want that specific variation.  I strive to list my tradeable ones accurately as well.

* The bulk of my football stops at 2018, with a few other sets in '19 & '20.  I'm now working backward to earlier years. 
Except for A&G, baseball stops at 2021 as well.  I have nothing newer than that for trade. 

Collecting Baseball, Football, and Hockey sets, (those want lists are all entered)

50+BB, 5+FB & 1 hockey player collections, (these are not all entered yet)

Washington football team previously marketed on Native American imagery cards, (doubt I'll try to enter a lot of these, but I trade for a ton!)

Golf, Star Trek, Star Wars, Space & Moon Landing cards, etc.

I have NOT entered the bulk of my collection.  On last count I was pushing 250,000 total cards.  Most of what is in here is either the first few sets I entered in one shot, or cards I've traded for.  I have no plans to enter the rest of the sets I have.  Will probably enter my player collections just to see where I rank...

Cards - they're like 2½ x 3½ inch slices of crack!





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