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Thanks for checking in. I am probably going to be less active with trading at least for the time being. Whether you believe people are making too much of this, or not concerned enough, it's not time to panic. It's not time to stop caring for each other.


I believe that true peace comes from personally knowing Jesus Christ. God created us to be in harmony with him. To be in relationship with Him. Humanity rejected and continues to reject that relationship with Him.

God is so holy that in our sinful state, we could not be in that nearness to Him. Thankfully, God made a way for us to know Him, and restore that relationship, the perfect man, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the way God could step down into humanity without tarnishing His perfection, and allow us to approach God in our imperfection. Jesus died on the cross, and when He did, paid our sin debt completely so that we could even approach God.

When we believe Christ did that for us personally, that's salvation by God's grace and Jesus becomes our Savior. When we confess and believe, the Holy Spirit fills us with the peace that we need to get through the trials of this life. Call on Him. Know Him. Know Peace.

Quote:   My attic is insulated with shredded 1988 Topps.
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