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Hello all,

I have really enjoyed the many trades I've made here. I have been focusing mostly on set collecting with a side interest in collecting Phillies cards. 

When it comes to trades I generally like to stick to paper for paper, chrome for chrome, parallel for parallel, and insert for insert. There are certainly exceptions to that if values align outside of those categories and also am more than fine with a mixture of all of these in the same trade. I most likely don't want to trade a few of my chrome cards for many paper and like to stick to more of a 1 to 1 type trade but I am definitely willing to trade a bunch of my lower value cards for a few higher value cards.

I don't have older flagship cards on my wantlist but I have many duplicate flagship cards from the past couple of years that I would trade for older sets (2000 - 2020) if you message me or send a trade for cards not on my wantlist, as long as I don't have them yet. 

Current Sets that are my main focus:

2021 Topps Chrome (Pink, Sepia, Prism, Xfractor)

2023 Topps Chrome (Refractor, Pink, Sepia, Prism, Xfractor)

2020 & 2021 Stadium Club Chrome

2004-2019 Topps Chrome (Base Set Needs)





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