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Hut Stricklin and Tom Peck racing cards and memorabilia; Hooters Girl/Playmate Lynne Austin cards; and Magic the Gathering Vizzerdrix cards, especially in foreign languages.

A Note regarding my FS/FT list: most of myBaseball  "junk era" sets were initially entered prior to the various new variations added since mid-2020, such as Inc/Inc., */**, etc. The system places everything under variation "A" by default, and though I've tried to update everything there are probably a couple of set I've not sorted yet; just ask if want me to check a specific card or set. I have revised my FS/FT list for 1991 Topps; the listed versions are correct for that set, and the cards showing a grade (usually NRMNT) are those with normal backs. The glow-back cards are those listed without grades.

Regarding trades in general, I'm happy to ship and receive by whatever method you prefer from PWE to insured with tracking so long as it makes sense from both ends. Also, I know I have substantially more on my FS/FT list than my Wantlist, but I'm open to other offers if I have something you need. Everything on my FS/FT list is just waiting to be turned into something I collect and I don't mind if it takes multiple steps to reach that end. Here's my general preference for trades:

1. Obviously, anything on my Wantlist;

2. Anything on your FS/FT list that matches the Wantlist of another member who has someting on my Wantlist (which is any Hut Stricklin, Tom Peck, Lynne Austin, or Vizzerdrix card, even if they don't show up; I don't always remember to add things back to the Wantlist after I get them in a trade, but I'm always looking for dupes);

3. Other Racing cards that have at least as many people looking for them than there are listed as FS/FT;

4. Baseball cards that have at least as many people looking for them than there are listed as FS/FT; 

5. All other cards that have at least as many people looking for them than there are listed as FS/FT; and

6. I'll consider anything else; coins, cds, dvds, books, memorabilia, fossils, whatever--make me an offer.

Let's make a deal.


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