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As my name suggests, I collect stars.  Not just current, but from all generations.  I'm just getting started using TCDB, but I am not a newbie in the hobby.  I've purchased some collections, so I have some cards for all sports that I will be posting for trade, but my primary PC is baseball.

As far as shipping goes, it will depend on what cards are being moved, and whether or not it makes sense to ship it BMWT/PWE/BMWOT.  I have several relics that will have to go BMWT or BMWOT.  I am willing to trade autos and serial numbered cards for base/inserts, everything on my for sale/trade leaving my collection is my goal.  I enjoy trading, so please don't hesitate to send an offer.

I'll consider any offer that comes my way, but please be patient with me as I may counter, as I haven't logged my PC yet.  I'm not opposed to duplicates, but depending on the situation I may want a new card more than one I already have.

Most of my cards are in excellent condition, but some of the basketball and cards from the early 90s and before may have some damage.  I've tried to make notes of any damage I notice, and am trying to mark condition for those cards as well. When I pull my cards to ship I double check for flaws, and will notify you of anything I may find to give you the opportunity to request a substitute.

Make today a good day.





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