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Location:   Nashville, Tennessee United States
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***** IMPORTANT ******  For the time being [Winter/Spring 2024], I am likely going to limit transactions to small-in-nature...think 10-or-less.  The only exception would be base-card exchanges where valuation is largely irrelevant.  I will spare you details, but in order to provide the prompt response I prefer to, this is a change I need to make for the time being.  Thanks.


****. With the taking on of a merged Collection, Traders would be wise to click on the "Match Wantlist to Collection" addition to Trade Matching.  If a card is outside of my listed Collection parameters [i.e., Dave Winfield, Robin Yount, Jose Canseco, Hank Aaron, etc.], it is likely FS/T in the newly Merged Collection.  I have not decided how I am going to transfer items over to FS/T yet, as I have hardly had any opportunity to look through the cards to get an idea of where things might be located....and this could take some time. *******


Additionally, I have begun the process of adding my Vintage cards - here is what I am going to efforts to get them in with SOME expediency, my first round will be to log them in.  Since I do not expect any of them to be NrMnt, understand that any card NOT given a Condition awaiting one.  If you put those on-trade without looking here first, I will alert you during the trade that Condition is pending, and I will prioritize your card(s).  If you see a FR or PR card listed, that card is available to you free of anything in-trade.  Just put it on your trade and it's yours - we're calling the card a Placeholder until you find Sir Minty!!!  


After this brief Intermission, come my Collection Parameters......[cue Python Intermission Music]

I collect:

Tony Gwynn cards

NY Mets cards

Craig Biggio cards

Kirby Puckett cards

*** The Torborg Family - Jeff, Dale, and Doug  ***


The Username...I am a Monty Python fan.  Castle Anthrax is the castle in the Holy Grail movie that houses all the white-clad ladies who are under the oversight of Zoot.  She wonderfully says in response to Sir Galahad's query of the castle's name:  "it's not a very good name, is it?"  And so it is.  You can also call me Shoe Shine Boy, as that's the name I should have chosen and has occupational relevancy.

Among my favorite Gwynn cards is the 1997 Topps Sweet Strokes insert.  Give the back a read and marvel.


Trade Proposal Recommendations:

Your best enticement is Tony Gwynn cards!!  That’s my Primary Collection.  I would love to find my excess cards a better home.  My favorite trades are the ones i can enjoy at a glance:

  • Base cards for Base cards
  • Inserts for Inserts inside a set (i.e., trade the Maddux insert for Gwynn insert) - THIS ARRANGEMENT might just earn you some generosity if you can swing it.
  • Inserts for Inserts (90s and. 00s in-focus)
  • Serials for Serials

I don't mind mixing card types up, at all. 

I'm good with PWE or padded - as we transact, we'll iron out those preferences.








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