2007 Topps

UER Cards

19 record(s)

  30   Bronson Arroyo UER
UER: 2 on stats, should be 02
  Cincinnati Reds
  50   Miguel Cabrera UER
UER: "...and the only active..." should be "...as the only active..."
  Florida Marlins
  123   Chone Figgins UER
UER: 4th line, "who can to", should be "who can do"
  Los Angeles Angels
  221   Robinson Tejeda UER
UER: Last name misspelled "Tejada" on front
  Texas Rangers
  245   Chad Tracy UER
UER: Back incorrectly lists position as Pitcher
  Arizona Diamondbacks
  249   Tony La Russa MGR, UER
UER: Incorrect stats on back
  St. Louis Cardinals
  339   Jonny Gomes UER
UER: Photo on back actually Greg Norton
  Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  366   Rickie Weeks UER
UER: First line of description should say "Rickie is such a gifted"
  Milwaukee Brewers
  379   Chris Young UER
UER: Same signature as #332 Chris Young
  San Diego Padres
  417   Mike Maroth UER
UER: Name misspelled "Mke" on front
  Detroit Tigers
  446   Jaret Wright UER
UER: 3 games for 2003 Padres, should be 39
  Baltimore Orioles
  448   Fernando Rodney UER
UER: Photo actually Roman Colon
  Detroit Tigers
  505   Jose Bautista UER
UER: Facsimile signature is not Bautista's
  Pittsburgh Pirates
  588   Jose Guillen UER
UER: Photo actually Yuniesky Betancourt
  Seattle Mariners
  634   Alex Gordon RC, UER
BASE: With signature on front, UER: Facsimile signature belongs to the other Alex Gordon
  Kansas City Royals
  640   Kei Igawa RC, UER
UER: 73 shutouts in 2006, should be 3
  New York Yankees
  652   Classic Combos (Josh Johnson / Miguel Olivo) CC, UER
UER: "Combos" inconsistent with rest of subset ("Combo")
  Florida Marlins
  655   Classic Combo (Dan Uggla / Hanley Ramirez) CC, UER
UER: Uggla weight listed as 2020
  Florida Marlins
  659   Classic Combos (Angel Berroa / Andres Blanco) CC, UER
UER: "Combos" inconsistent with rest of subset ("Combo")
  Kansas City Royals


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