2007 Topps

Total Cards: 661

Rating: 6.1 (85 votes)
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  • Release Date: Feb 20, 2007

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2007 Topps

Errors / Variations

31 record(s)

  15a   Andrew Miller   BASE: Pitching
  15b   Andrew Miller   VAR: Preparing to pitch
  20a   Delmon Young   BASE: Face Right
  20b   Delmon Young   VAR: Face Left
  40b   Derek Jeter   VAR: With Mantle/Bush
  135a   Troy Tulowitzki   BASE: Throwing
  135b   Troy Tulowitzki   VAR: Fielding
  180a   Roy Halladay   ERR: Joe Nathan bio on back
  180b   Roy Halladay   COR: correct bio
  262a   Ryan Braun   ERR: Other Ryan Braun's signature on front
  262b   Ryan Braun   COR: Correct signature
  271a   Delwyn Young   BASE: Holding bat high
  271b   Delwyn Young   VAR: Bat resting on shoulder
  292a   Josh Fields   BASE: Base running
  292b   Josh Fields   VAR: Holding ball
  411a   Jason Bay   BASE: With signature on front
  411b   Jason Bay   VAR: No signature on front
  437a   Paul Lo Duca   BASE: With signature on front
  437b   Paul Lo Duca   VAR: No signature on front
  481a   Jim Thome   BASE: With signature on front
  481b   Jim Thome   VAR: No signature on front
  492b   John Buck   VAR: Helmet on
  630a   Daisuke Matsuzaka   BASE: English
  630b   Daisuke Matsuzaka   VAR: Japanese; signature on front
  630c   Daisuke Matsuzaka   VAR: Japanese; no signature on front
  634a   Alex Gordon   BASE: With signature on front, UER: Facsimile signature belongs to the other Alex Gordon
  634b   Alex Gordon   VAR: No signature on front
  636a   Mike Rabelo   BASE: Batting Stance
  636b   Billy Butler   VAR: Swinging Follow Through
  660a   Yadier Molina   BASE: With signature on front
  660b   Yadier Molina   VAR: No signature on front


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