NFL Awards: Super Bowl MVPs

by stevejrogers - 59 cards (Last updated on Feb 15, 2024)

21. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #RD20 Richard Dent

Richard Dent
Chicago Bears DE
Super Bowl XX 1/26/1986
Bears 46-Patriots 10
HOF 2011

22. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #PS21 Phil Simms

Phil Simms
New York Giants QB
Super Bowl XXI 1/25/1987
Giants 39-Broncos 20

23. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #DW22 Doug Williams

Doug Williams
Washington Redskins QB
Super Bowl XXII 1/31/1988
Redskins 42-Broncos 10

24. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #JR23 Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice
San Francisco 49ers WR
Super Bowl XXIII 1/22/1989
49ers 20-Bengals 16
HOF 2010

25. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #JM24 Joe Montana

Joe Montana
San Francisco 49ers QB (3rd)
Super Bowl XXIV 1/28/1990
49ers 55-Broncos 10
HOF 2000

26. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #OA25 Ottis Anderson

Otis Anderson
New York Giants RB
Super Bowl XXV 1/27/1991
Giants 20-Bills 19

27. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #MR26 Mark Rypien

Mark Rypien
Washington Redskins QB
Super Bowl XXVI 1/26/1992
Redskins 37-Bills 24

28. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #TA27 Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman
Dallas Cowboys QB
Super Bowl XXVII 1/31/1993
Cowboys 52-Bills 17
HOF 2006

29. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #ES28 Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith
Dallas Cowboys RB
Super Bowl XXVIII 1/30/1994
Cowboys 30-Bills 13
HOF 2010

30. 2002 Topps - Ring of Honor #SY29 Steve Young

Steve Young
San Francisco 49ers QB
Super Bowl XXIX 1/29/1995
49ers 49-Chargers 26
HOF 2005



Feb 6, 2019 - 4:46PM

My claim to fame is never ever missing a Super Bowl and these remind me of each one of them. 

I believe Howley's distinction remains as the only MVP from the losing team. And I think Duane Thomas should have won it rather than Staubach in SB VI.

May 27, 2019 - 3:00PM

I wonder why there is no Swann or Martin card in the Topps Ring of Honor series?  I mean I assume image rights for the two, but I wonder if there is anything else that could be a reason.

Also Rodgers’s ROH card is MIA from this site.  I could have sworn I had one as I collected them through Eli’s second title.  While it was the end of my collecting days, its coincidental that its Topps last set.  So when I was throwing this list together back in January, I looked to see if I could scan in the Rodgers card, and found out that I never did get around to picking it up for whatever reason.  I’m guessing that, due to it not being on here, that it was a shorter print run than other years?

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