1992 Pro Set


  150   Emmitt Smith AU, SN1000   Dallas Cowboys
  168   Erik Kramer AU, SN1000   Detroit Lions
  NNO   Santa Claus  
  XXVI   Super Bowl XXVI Logo   Washington Redskins / Buffalo Bills
  651   Jerry Rice AU, SN980   San Francisco 49ers


  NNO   Cover Card Promo / Hologram SN2000  
  NNO   Super Bowl XXVI Card Show III Promo  
  PRO002   Emmitt Smith   Dallas Cowboys

Insert Sets (7)

  Emmitt Smith Holograms
  Emmitt Smith Pro Set Power Offer
  Gold MVPs
  Ground Force
  HOF 2000
  HOF Inductees

Only Playbook card VII (7) was in 1992 packs


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