1992 Pro Set

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Jun 23, 2019 - 11:53AM

I know Series I was very similar in appearance to the 1991 set, but why did they switch to the generic and awful design of Series II? That switch absolutely killed my interest in this set after putting together 95%+ of Series I. Looking back on these now, it's still mind-boggling from a marketing and design standpoint.

Sep 12, 2012 - 3:23PM

Even though this is a large set, just over 25% of it consists of specials! If you hate specials like I do, because each special takes a spot in the set that could be used for another regular player card, then you'll find this a disappointing set. I give it a rating of 6, but I think mainly because I have respect for Pro Set as one of the first of Topps' competitors.

Jan 4, 2009 - 5:34PM

Pro Set continued making a good looking card set, using the full bleed photos and no borders that set them apart. Again nothing exciting that set it apart from other card companies just solid photography and a huge number! The first series consisted of cards 1 through 400 with subsets including stat leaders (1-18), milestones (19-27), draft day (28-33), innovators (34-36), 1991 replays (37-63), Super Bowl XXVI replays (64-72), teams (73-342), Pro Set newsreel (343-346), magic numbers (347-351), play smart (352-360), NFC spirit of the game (361-374) and AFC Pro Bowl stars (375-400). Inserts included special collectibles 1-5 and MVPs which were only available in jumbo packs. Series two was a totally different card with a white border on the left side of that card and a gray horizontal back. Subsets included NFC Pro Bowl stars (401-427), teams (428-679), AFC spirit of the game (680-693), play smart (694), newsreel (695-698), Super Bowl cards (699,700). Inserts included Hall Of Fame 2000, MVPs available in jumbo packs. Errors and variations were significantly less making it much easier to compile a complete set. Also issued were card 701 ROY Marco Coleman and a Pro Set Power promo of Emmitt Smith. And there certainly was no shortage of cards as Pro Set let the presses roll with this year as they did previous years.


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