2010 Panini Prestige

Total Cards: 304

Rating: 4.8 (13 votes)
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  • Release Date: May 12, 2010

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2010 Panini Prestige

Insert Sets (50)

  Collegiate Lettermen Autographs
  Connections Materials

Serial numbered to 250

  Connections Materials Prime

SN50 except for #1 SN5

  Draft Picks Light Blue

Serial numbered to 999

  Draft Picks Rights Autographs

Autographed, Serial numbered to 999 or less

  Inside The Numbers
  Inside The Numbers Autographs

SN25 or less

  Inside The Numbers Materials


  Inside The Numbers Materials Prime

SN50 except for #3 SN20

  League Leaders
  League Leaders Materials

SN250 or less

  League Leaders Materials Prime

SN50 or less

  NFL Draft
  NFL Draft Autographed Patch Draft Logo
  NFL Draft Autographed Patch NFL Equipment Logo
  NFL Draft Autographed Patch NFL Shield Logo
  NFL Draft Autographs
  Preferred Materials


  Preferred Materials Patch


  Preferred Materials Signatures

SN25 or less

  Preferred Materials Signatures Patch

SN10 or less

  Preferred Signatures

SN30 or less

  Prestigious Pros Autographs

SN100 or less

  Prestigious Pros Black

Serial numbered to 25

  Prestigious Pros Blue
  Prestigious Pros Gold

Serial numbered to 100

  Prestigious Pros Green

Serial numbered to 250

  Prestigious Pros Materials Black

The MEM Note in this set refers to a Game-worn Jersey relic. SN10

  Prestigious Pros Materials Blue

SN250 except for #37 & #46 SN240 & #40 SN35

  Prestigious Pros Materials Gold


  Prestigious Pros Materials Green

SN100 except for #1 & #33 SN25

  Prestigious Pros Materials Platinum Patches


  Prestigious Pros Platinum

Serial numbered to 10

  Pro Helmets Autographs
  Rookie Review
  Rookie Review Autographs
  Rookie Review Materials

The MEM Note in this set refers to a Player-worn Jersey relic.

  Rookie Review Materials Prime


  Stars of the NFL
  Stars of the NFL Materials

SN250 or less

  Stars of the NFL Materials Prime

SN50 or less

  Touchdown Sensations
  Touchdown Sensations Materials

SN250 except for #17 SN50

  Touchdown Sensations Materials Prime

SN50 except for #17 SN25

  True Colors
  True Colors Autographs

SN4 & SN5

  True Colors Materials

SN250 except for #10 SN200

  True Colors Materials Primary Colors

SN50 or less

  Xtra Points Black Autographs

SN250 or less

Parallel Sets (6)

  Xtra Points Black

Serial numbered to 10

  Xtra Points Gold

Serial numbered to 250

  Xtra Points Green

Serial numbered to 25

  Xtra Points Orange
  Xtra Points Purple

Serial numbered to 50

  Xtra Points Red

Serial numbered to 100


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