1989 Fleer


  1   Don Baylor   Oakland Athletics
  2   Lance Blankenship RC   Oakland Athletics
  3   Todd Burns RC, UER
UER: Red stripes on front, should be green; Born 6/6, should be 7/6; Before/After AS stats missing
  Oakland Athletics
  4   Greg Cadaret UER
UER: Before/After All-Star Break losses should total 2
  Oakland Athletics
  5   Jose Canseco   Oakland Athletics
  6   Storm Davis UER
UER: Home "Atlantic City", should be "Atlantic Beach"
  Oakland Athletics
  7   Dennis Eckersley   Oakland Athletics
  8   Mike Gallego   Oakland Athletics
  9   Ron Hassey   Oakland Athletics
  10   Dave Henderson   Oakland Athletics
  11   Rick Honeycutt UER
UER: Red stripes on front, should be green
  Oakland Athletics
  12   Glenn Hubbard UER
UER: Born "Hann AFB", should be "Hahn AFB"
  Oakland Athletics
  13   Stan Javier   Oakland Athletics
  14   Doug Jennings RC, UER
UER: Red stripes on front, should be green
  Oakland Athletics
  15   Felix Jose RC, UER
UER: Red stripes on front, should be green; Born 5/8, should be 5/2
  Oakland Athletics
  16   Carney Lansford   Oakland Athletics
  17   Mark McGwire   Oakland Athletics
  18   Gene Nelson UER
UER: Red stripes on front, should be green
  Oakland Athletics
  19   Dave Parker   Oakland Athletics
  20   Eric Plunk   Oakland Athletics
  21   Luis Polonia   Oakland Athletics
  22   Terry Steinbach   Oakland Athletics
  23   Dave Stewart   Oakland Athletics
  24   Walt Weiss   Oakland Athletics
  25   Bob Welch   Oakland Athletics
  26   Curt Young UER
UER: Red stripes on front, should be green
  Oakland Athletics
  27   Rick Aguilera   New York Mets
  28   Wally Backman   New York Mets
  29   Mark Carreon UER
UER: After All-Star Break "AVG 7.14"
  New York Mets
  30   Gary Carter   New York Mets
  31   David Cone   New York Mets
  32   Ron Darling   New York Mets
  33   Len Dykstra   New York Mets
  34   Kevin Elster   New York Mets
  35   Sid Fernandez   New York Mets
  36   Dwight Gooden   New York Mets
  37   Keith Hernandez   New York Mets
  38   Gregg Jefferies   New York Mets
  39   Howard Johnson   New York Mets
  40   Terry Leach   New York Mets
  41   Dave Magadan UER
UER: 2nd line, "...in 1987 were doubles", should be 1988
  New York Mets
  42   Bob McClure   New York Mets
  43   Roger McDowell UER
UER: "Led Mets with 58 appearances", should be 62
  New York Mets
  44   Kevin McReynolds   New York Mets
  45   Keith Miller   New York Mets
  46   Randy Myers   New York Mets
  47   Bob Ojeda   New York Mets
  48   Mackey Sasser   New York Mets
  49   Darryl Strawberry   New York Mets
  50   Tim Teufel   New York Mets
  51   Dave West RC   New York Mets
  52   Mookie Wilson   New York Mets
  53   Dave Anderson   Los Angeles Dodgers
  54   Tim Belcher   Los Angeles Dodgers
  55   Mike Davis   Los Angeles Dodgers
  56   Mike Devereaux   Los Angeles Dodgers
  57   Kirk Gibson   Los Angeles Dodgers
  58   Alfredo Griffin   Los Angeles Dodgers
  59   Chris Gwynn   Los Angeles Dodgers
  60   Jeff Hamilton   Los Angeles Dodgers
  61a   Danny Heep ERR
ERR: Home listed as "Lake Hills", should be San Antonio; 1987 stats missing
  Los Angeles Dodgers
  61b   Danny Heep COR
COR: Home listed as "San Antonio, TX", 1987 stats added
  Los Angeles Dodgers
  62   Orel Hershiser   Los Angeles Dodgers
  63   Brian Holton   Los Angeles Dodgers
  64   Jay Howell   Los Angeles Dodgers
  65   Tim Leary   Los Angeles Dodgers
  66   Mike Marshall   Los Angeles Dodgers
  67   Ramon Martinez RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  68   Jesse Orosco   Los Angeles Dodgers
  69   Alejandro Pena   Los Angeles Dodgers
  70   Steve Sax   Los Angeles Dodgers
  71   Mike Scioscia   Los Angeles Dodgers
  72   Mike Sharperson   Los Angeles Dodgers
  73   John Shelby   Los Angeles Dodgers
  74   Franklin Stubbs   Los Angeles Dodgers
  75   John Tudor   Los Angeles Dodgers
  76   Fernando Valenzuela   Los Angeles Dodgers
  77   Tracy Woodson   Los Angeles Dodgers
  78   Marty Barrett   Boston Red Sox
  79   Todd Benzinger   Boston Red Sox
  80   Mike Boddicker UER
UER: '76 Rochester, should be '78
  Boston Red Sox
  81   Wade Boggs   Boston Red Sox
  82   "Oil Can" Boyd   Boston Red Sox
  83   Ellis Burks   Boston Red Sox
  84   Rick Cerone   Boston Red Sox
  85   Roger Clemens   Boston Red Sox
  86   Steve Curry RC   Boston Red Sox
  87   Dwight Evans   Boston Red Sox
  88   Wes Gardner   Boston Red Sox
  89   Rich Gedman   Boston Red Sox
  90   Mike Greenwell   Boston Red Sox
  91   Bruce Hurst   Boston Red Sox
  92   Dennis Lamp   Boston Red Sox
  93   Spike Owen   Boston Red Sox
  94   Larry Parrish UER
UER: Before All-Star Break "AVG 1.90"
  Boston Red Sox
  95   Carlos Quintana RC   Boston Red Sox
  96   Jody Reed   Boston Red Sox
  97   Jim Rice   Boston Red Sox
  98a   Kevin Romine ERR
ERR: Photo actually Randy Kutcher (batting)
  Boston Red Sox
  98b   Kevin Romine COR
COR: Corrected photo (standing with arms folded)
  Boston Red Sox


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