1989 Fleer


  • After years of ordering teams by World Series winner, World Series loser, ALCS/NLCS losers (better record first) then all non-playoff teams from best record to worst, Fleer moved to ordering teams from best overall record (Oakland) to worst (Baltimore) with this set, but there are two mistakes: 1) 89-73 Boston is listed before 91-71 Minnesota, and 2) 85-77 Pittsburgh is listed before 87-75 Toronto.
  • Six Oakland Athletics cards have red stripes instead of green: #3 Todd Burns, #11 Rick Honeycutt, #14 Doug Jennings, #15 Felix Jose, #18 Gene Nelson and #26 Curt Young. This error was never corrected.
  • Although players are sorted alphabetically by last name within each team, #367 Scott is listed before #368 Ryan within the Astros group. Checklist #657 lists Ryan as #367 and Scott as #368.


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