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Random Card of the Day

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Set: 1970-79 Top Trumps Scramblers

Card: #NNO Bultaco

“ I still buy the odd set of Trumps cards to play with the kids. The ones from the 70s and 80s made in West Germany are the best. ” -scottwalker29   4
“ These cards are somewhere in the grey area. I wouldn't call these as trading cards. There are also similar truck cards and car cards etc. These are more like a card game, like Uno. If you can buy a full pack of these from your local market and start playing... where is the collecting part happening in this process? ” -Duke   1
“ Quick question, do I have to mix the oil in the gas? ” -Gunny   3
“ I have no idea what this card is, but I like it! ” -tinyshogun
“ Other than the German Scramblers, this one with 8,000 revs has the highest revs in the set. (The German Maico reaches 8,500 to 10,500) ” -57hits   1
“ I love the tip on top for doing safe jumps on your bike. Different times! ” -lildog7   1
“ Well, that’s fun! ” -Musclebeech
“ Nice late '70s non-sport card. ” -captkirk42
“ Some of the cards that make it on to this site over others will boggle my mind for eternity. ” -parsley24   1
“ I honestly can't tell if this is supposed to be something from a customizable card game or not... ” -Theron_Nett
“ I would not be doing jumps on that bike...nope! ” -dettigersmlb   1
“ We had a bunch of these but trucks & planes & helicopters. ” -cjjt


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by JR3
Mystery Can't figure this one out 0Nov 29, 2022 5:12 PM
by Johnlavell
Set Unknown Football Set 7Nov 29, 2022 5:06 PM
by pxb36

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