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Fighting Irish Football....but only in ND uniform (slop,sets,inserts,autos, new, vintage, promos, regional issues)....just gotta be wearing the Golden Dome) On the hunt for the 1999 Century of Greatness set,  which isnt valuable just hard to come by. Although I wont pay $50 for a $15 set, I will reward anyone (with cards) that can lead me to finding "hard to find" cards. Open to Chicago/Green Bay/Pittsburg teams as well, since a lot of ND fans are fans of those  teams,  I can turn it into something I want. I will consider doubles that I already have to help figure out a trade. So it doesn't hurt to ask or get creative. Im not actively seeking/chasing every parallel and/or autos (newer sets) but would trade for them if the occasion arises.

Please be patient with "large trades" and/or anything that is a variation as I would prefer to pull/verify everything before accepting, and would rather take it slow and correct rather than quick and incorrect (still trying to figure out a "system" for organizing and staying that way in regards to baseball cards)

Those who know Notre Dame, no explanation’s necessary. Those who don’t, no explanation will suffice.-Lou Holtz





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