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Feb 2024 - Turning trading off for a couple months while I catch up on organization… but do DM me if you have a larger proposal, including ones that I may have suggested in the past


I’m a team collector first - my Detroit Tigers! The Wantlist is being expanded gradually as I decide to chase more Team Sets. But I wouldn't mind trading for any other new-to-me Tigers if we're trying to work out a large trade.

A player collector too, starting with my Tiger heros Alan Trammell, Magglio Ordonez (TCDB #1!) Miguel Cabrera, and Justin Verlander. For non-Tigers, I have PC tiers but the key list of players I'll trade for beyond my Wantlist: Mike Schmidt, Frank Thomas... and maybe Juan Soto and Ronald Acuna for current players.

Working on an eclectic list of sets too: from 1975 Topps to recent Stadium Club

Open for trading! Here's some preferences and what to expect with me:

3 things I'll promise, and that I would generally expect from others:

1) I'll communicate openly and quickly. I always respond to trade proposals, questions, etc. If it takes me 2 days, I'm probably busy at work. If it takes 7 days for me to reply to a simple message or proposal - please call 911 for me.

2) I'll send good cards and package them well. Anything I'm trading after 1985 or so should be in "pack fresh" condition, and that means pretty much Gem Mint for modern glossy-stock cards. And there's no point in caring for cards only to send lazily packaged PWEs. (See note below about 1975 Topps and condition)

3) I'll be honest and act with good intentions. Everyone makes mistakes, but if I send the wrong card or don't notice some damage - I'll make it right.

I'm open to trades of any size, 1 or 1000 cards. I've learned to send good PWE's for 18 or even 27 cards, but I'd love to do more extra large trades. Small PWE's are fine, but it has to be worth the stamps.

Everything on my want list is something I really want, and everything on the for-trade list is up for grabs. I'm willing to trade across ages and values, i.e. a hit card for a batch of set-build commons. I'm not evaluating offers with a calculator in hand, but I do have ratios in mind, so be ready to offer me 20 commons for that hit.

That said, you can't insult me, so offer away and counter my offers, let's have fun! It's great to match up with other team collectors and set builders. If you match my trade list but not my want list - let me know, or take a stab at picking cards based on the notes above.

***Special Note about 1975 Topps condition: I've started adding in my set build doubles to trade, and I'm trying to give condition ratings and guidance for trading. I'm not a grader, I just know what I like, so here's what my ratings mean: "Poor" means it has a distinctive flaw and it doesn't make the cut for my set. Any stains or pen/pencil marks, wax stains, paper loss, significant creases, and severe off-centering make it poor to me. There's a couple otherwise NM cards with one small "fatal flaw", but you should otherwise consider these filler. "Fair" means it's a fairly well-loved card, and not set worthy to me, some of these would probably grade a notch higher. "Good" means I was OK with it in my set, but I found a better card, many of these would grade a notch or two higher. And "Very Good" means it was a coin flip with the card I kept, probably half of these are actually EX.






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