1985 Topps

Rookie Cards

81 record(s)

23 Bret Saberhagen RC Kansas City Royals
43 Andre David RC Minnesota Twins
61 Curt Kaufman RC, UER California Angels
64 Mark Bailey RC Houston Astros
67 Rafael Santana RC New York Mets
69 Jim Winn RC Pittsburgh Pirates
89 Jackie Gutierrez RC Boston Red Sox
93 Don Schulze RC Cleveland Indians
127 Mark Gubicza RC Kansas City Royals
145 Alvin Davis RC Seattle Mariners
147 Bill Swaggerty RC Baltimore Orioles
162 Benny Distefano RC Pittsburgh Pirates
181 Roger Clemens RC Boston Red Sox
193 Jimmy Key RC Toronto Blue Jays
211 Clay Christiansen RC New York Yankees
238 Jose Rijo RC New York Yankees
243 Barbaro Garbey RC Detroit Tigers
253 Sid Bream RC Los Angeles Dodgers
262 Greg Booker RC San Diego Padres
267 Henry Cotto RC Chicago Cubs
269 Doug Baker RC Detroit Tigers
280 Shawon Dunston FRDP, RC Chicago Cubs
281 Tim Belcher FRDP, RC Minnesota Twins
282 Shawn Abner FRDP, RC New York Mets
288 Jeff Kunkel RC Texas Rangers
293 Curt Young RC Oakland Athletics
294 Tom Nieto RC St. Louis Cardinals
317 Jack Lazorko RC Milwaukee Brewers
321 Ricky Horton RC St. Louis Cardinals
346 Terry Pendleton RC St. Louis Cardinals
353 Julio Solano RC Houston Astros
356 Dave Meier RC Minnesota Twins
367 Keefe Cato RC Cincinnati Reds
369 R.J. Reynolds RC Los Angeles Dodgers
381 Roy Smith RC Cleveland Indians
386 Dan Gladden RC San Francisco Giants
387 Buddy Biancalana RC Kansas City Royals
390 Sid Akins OLY, RC USA
391 Flavio Alfaro OLY, RC USA
392 Don August OLY, RC USA
393 Scott Bankhead OLY, RC USA
394 Bob Caffrey OLY, RC USA
395 Mike Dunne OLY, RC, UER USA
396 Gary Green OLY, RC USA
397 John Hoover OLY, RC USA
398 Shane Mack OLY, RC USA
399 John Marzano OLY, RC USA
400 Oddibe McDowell OLY, RC USA
401 Mark McGwire OLY, RC USA
402 Pat Pacillo OLY, RC USA
403 Cory Snyder OLY, RC, UER USA
404 Billy Swift OLY, RC USA
417 John Franco RC Cincinnati Reds
424 Al Nipper RC Boston Red Sox
437 Al Jones RC Chicago White Sox
449 Phil Bradley RC Seattle Mariners
453 Tom Waddell RC Cleveland Indians
464 Mike Mason RC Texas Rangers
474 Kurt Kepshire RC St. Louis Cardinals
476 Jeff Stone RC Philadelphia Phillies
487 Frank Williams RC San Francisco Giants
493 Orel Hershiser RC Los Angeles Dodgers
496 Donnie Scott RC Texas Rangers
506 Franklin Stubbs RC Los Angeles Dodgers
514 Jeff Cornell RC San Francisco Giants
536 Kirby Puckett RC Minnesota Twins
573 Jay Tibbs RC Cincinnati Reds
576 Jaime Cocanower RC Milwaukee Brewers
579 Ron Romanick RC California Angels
592 Jeff Robinson RC San Francisco Giants
602 Jeff Dedmon RC Atlanta Braves
620 Dwight Gooden RC New York Mets
625 Mark Langston RC Seattle Mariners
626 German Rivera RC Los Angeles Dodgers
627 Eric Davis RC Cincinnati Reds
638 Mike Pagliarulo RC New York Yankees
639 Ed Hodge RC Minnesota Twins
642 Dave Owen RC Chicago Cubs
664 Steve Farr RC Cleveland Indians
676 Albert Hall RC Atlanta Braves
751 Kelvin Chapman RC New York Mets


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