1952 Topps


  • At 407 cards, this was the largest set of its day.
  • It is rare to find card #1 of Andy Pafko in excellent condition, because being #1 in the set meant that kids put the card on top of their stack before wrapping them with rubber bands or putting them in their pockets or school bags.
  • Cards measure 2 5/8" by 3 3/4"
  • This set was issued in 6 separate series: Series 1 (1 to 80), Series 2 (81-130), Series 3 (131-190), Series 4 (191-250), Series 5 (251-310), and Series 6 (311-407).
  • By the time Topps released the last series (cards 311-407), football season had started and kids were no longer buying baseball cards. In the late '50s, Sy Berger hired a garbage boat to take the surplus 300 to 500 cases stored in the Topps Brooklyn headquarters, to dump off the New Jersey shore into the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Andy Pafko card figures prominently into the plot of the 2010 movie Cop Out.
  • 2nd major baseball card release for Topps.


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