1984 Fleer

Rookie Cards

71 record(s)

  20   John Shelby RC   Baltimore Orioles
  32   Kevin Gross RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  36   Charles Hudson RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  47   Juan Samuel RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  50   Juan Agosto RC   Chicago White Sox
  73   Greg Walker RC   Chicago White Sox
  99   Jack Fimple RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  109   Alejandro Pena RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  122   Ray Fontenot RC   New York Yankees
  131   Don Mattingly RC   New York Yankees
  145   Jim Acker RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  152   Tony Fernandez RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  184   Craig McMurtry RC   Atlanta Braves
  197   Tom Candiotti RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  201   Bob Gibson RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  223   Bill Dawley RC   Houston Astros
  225   Bill Doran RC   Houston Astros
  232   Mike Madden RC   Houston Astros
  248   Jose DeLeon RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  268   Lee Tunnell RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  269   Marvell Wynne RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  277   Bob James RC   Montreal Expos
  279   Bryan Little RC   Montreal Expos
  302   Andy Hawkins RC   San Diego Padres
  307   Kevin McReynolds RC   San Diego Padres
  309   Mario Ramirez RC   San Diego Padres
  315   Mark Thurmond RC   San Diego Padres
  339   Andy Van Slyke RC, UER   St. Louis Cardinals
  340   Dave Von Ohlen RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  357   Pat Sheridan RC   Kansas City Royals
  386   Brad Wellman RC   San Francisco Giants
  393   Dennis Boyd RC   Boston Red Sox
  394   Mike Brown UER, RC   Boston Red Sox
  402   Ed Jurak RC   Boston Red Sox
  423   Pete O'Brien RC   Texas Rangers
  428   Mike Smithson RC   Texas Rangers
  437   Keith Atherton RC   Oakland Athletics
  441   Chris Codiroli RC   Oakland Athletics
  442   Tim Conroy RC   Oakland Athletics
  448   Don Hill RC   Oakland Athletics
  450   Bill Krueger RC, UER   Oakland Athletics
  459   Tony Phillips RC   Oakland Athletics
  461   Mike Warren RC   Oakland Athletics
  464   Dann Bilardello RC   Cincinnati Reds
  468   Nick Esasky RC   Cincinnati Reds
  476   Kelly Paris RC   Cincinnati Reds
  481   Gary Redus RC   Cincinnati Reds
  482   Bill Scherrer RC   Cincinnati Reds
  496   Craig Lefferts RC   Chicago Cubs
  497   Carmelo Martinez RC   Chicago Cubs
  524   Steve Lubratich RC   California Angels
  526   Gary Pettis RC   California Angels
  546   Neal Heaton RC   Cleveland Indians
  556   Darrell Brown RC   Minnesota Twins
  558   Randy Bush RC   Minnesota Twins
  564   Pete Filson RC   Minnesota Twins
  570   Rick Lysander RC   Minnesota Twins
  573   Ray Smith RC   Minnesota Twins
  574   Tim Teufel RC   Minnesota Twins
  578   Len Whitehouse RC   Minnesota Twins
  581   Mark Bradley RC   New York Mets
  592   Jose Oquendo RC   New York Mets
  594   Junior Ortiz RC   New York Mets
  596   Doug Sisk RC   New York Mets
  599   Darryl Strawberry RC   New York Mets
  601   Walt Terrell RC   New York Mets
  604   Jamie Allen RC   Seattle Mariners
  613   Orlando Mercado RC   Seattle Mariners
  615   Ricky Nelson UER, RC   Seattle Mariners
  616   Spike Owen RC   Seattle Mariners
  624   Matt Young RC   Seattle Mariners


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