1970 Topps

Rookie Cards

89 record(s)

7 Indians 1970 Rookie Stars (Gary Boyd / Russ Nagelson) RS, RC Cleveland Indians
8 Jose Martinez RC Pittsburgh Pirates
16 Charlie Metro MGR, RC Kansas City Royals
21 Athletics 1970 Rookie Stars (Vida Blue / Gene Tenace) RS, RC Oakland Athletics
36 Reds 1970 Rookie Stars (Danny Breeden / Bernie Carbo) RS, RC Cincinnati Reds
39 Mike Nagy ASR, RC Boston Red Sox
46 Ken Rudolph RC Chicago Cubs
56 Phillies 1970 Rookie Stars (Joe Lis / Scott Reid) RS, RC Philadelphia Phillies
74 Angels 1970 Rookie Stars (Greg Washburn / Wally Wolf) RS, RC California Angels
87 Steve Renko RC Montreal Expos
88 Pilots 1970 Rookie Stars (Miguel Fuentes / Dick Baney) RS, RC Seattle Pilots
96 Cards 1970 Rookie Stars (Leron Lee / Jerry Reuss) RS, RC St. Louis Cardinals
99 Bobby Pfeil RC New York Mets
109 Expos 1970 Rookie Stars (Garry Jestadt / Carl Morton) RS, RC Montreal Expos
119 Chuck Taylor RC St. Louis Cardinals
121 Orioles 1970 Rookie Stars (Fred Beene / Terry Crowley) RS, RC Baltimore Orioles
131 Dodgers 1970 Rookie Stars (Ray Lamb / Bob Stinson) RS, RC Los Angeles Dodgers
134 Danny Walton RC Seattle Pilots
141 Pirates 1970 Rookie Stars (Dave Cash / Johnny Jeter) RS, RC Pittsburgh Pirates
147 Angel Hermoso RC Montreal Expos
149 Billy Champion RC Philadelphia Phillies
152 Ike Brown RC Detroit Tigers
154 Senators 1970 Rookie Stars (Jan Dukes / Jim Miles) RS, RC Washington Senators
168 Dave Watkins RC Philadelphia Phillies
172 Braves 1970 Rookie Stars (Garry Hill / Ralph Garr) RS, RC Atlanta Braves
189 Yankees 1970 Rookie Stars (Thurman Munson / Dave McDonald) RS, RC New York Yankees
194 Chuck Manuel RC Minnesota Twins
207 Tigers 1970 Rookie Stars (Norman McRae / Bob Reed) RS, RC Detroit Tigers
227 Astros 1970 Rookie Stars (John Mayberry / Bob Watkins) RS, RC Houston Astros
241 Royals 1970 Rookie Stars (Al Fitzmorris / Scott Northey) RS, RC Kansas City Royals
252 Lowell Palmer RC Philadelphia Phillies
255 Jim Spencer RC California Angels
262 Padres 1970 Rookie Stars (Jerry Morales / Jim Williams) RS, RC San Diego Padres
267 Twins 1970 Rookie Stars (Herman Hill / Paul Ratliff) RS, RC Minnesota Twins
277 Paul Doyle RC California Angels
279 Bill Lee RC Boston Red Sox
283 Angel Bravo RC Cincinnati Reds
286 Dodgers 1970 Rookie Stars (Jack Jenkins / Bill Buckner) RS, RC Los Angeles Dodgers
292 Eddie Leon RC Cleveland Indians
304 Bill Russell RC Los Angeles Dodgers
317 Red Sox 1970 Rookie Stars (Billy Conigliaro / Luis Alvarado) RS, RC Boston Red Sox
327 Hal King RC Atlanta Braves
348 Mets 1970 Rookie Stars (Mike Jorgensen / Jesse Hudson) RS, RC, UER New York Mets
358 Pedro Borbon RC Cincinnati Reds
361 Ray Jarvis RC Boston Red Sox
363 Tom Shopay RC Baltimore Orioles
371 Rod Gaspar RC New York Mets
376 Lefty Phillips MGR, RC California Angels
379 Tom Tischinski RC Minnesota Twins
381 Athletics 1970 Rookie Stars (Bobby Brooks / Mike Olivo) RS, RC Oakland Athletics
382 Jack DiLauro RC Houston Astros
401 Giants 1970 Rookie Stars (John Harrell / Bernie Williams) RS, RC San Francisco Giants
414 Paul Edmondson RC Chicago White Sox
429 Cubs 1970 Rookie Stars (Randy Bobb / Jim Cosman) RS, RC Chicago Cubs
433 Ron Bryant RC San Francisco Giants
444 White Sox 1970 Rookie Stars (Billy Farmer / John Matias) RS, RC Chicago White Sox
446 Billy Grabarkewitz RC Los Angeles Dodgers
477 Orioles 1970 Rookie Stars (Al Severinsen / Roger Freed) RS, RC Baltimore Orioles
478 Bob Heise RC San Francisco Giants
479 Dick Woodson RC Minnesota Twins
482 Tom Hilgendorf RC St. Louis Cardinals
483 Gail Hopkins RC Chicago White Sox
492 Astros 1970 Rookie Stars (Keith Lampard / Scipio Spinks) RS, RC Houston Astros
514 Steve Hovley RC Seattle Pilots
516 Yankees 1970 Rookie Stars (John Ellis / Jim Lyttle) RS, RC New York Yankees
533 Buzz Stephen RC Seattle Pilots
539 Phillies 1970 Rookie Stars (Dennis Doyle / Larry Bowa) RS, RC Philadelphia Phillies
552 Royals 1970 Rookie Stars (Don O'Riley / Dennis Paepke / Fred Rico) RS, RC Kansas City Royals
554 Tom Timmermann RC Detroit Tigers
573 Padres 1970 Rookie Stars (Mike Corkins / Rafael Robles / Ron Slocum) RS, RC San Diego Padres
586 Rickey Clark RC California Angels
599 Senators 1970 Rookie Stars (Dick Stelmaszek / Gene Martin / Dick Such) RS, RC Washington Senators
609 Buck Martinez RC, UER Kansas City Royals
618 Billy Wynne RC Chicago White Sox
621 Braves 1970 Rookie Stars (Mike McQueen / Darrell Evans / Rick Kester) RS, RC Atlanta Braves
628 Wayne Garrett RC New York Mets
642 Angels 1970 Rookie Stars (Greg Garrett / Gordon Lund / Jarvis Tatum) RS, RC California Angels
654 N.L. 1970 Rookie Stars (Oscar Gamble / Boots Day / Angel Mangual) RS, RC Philadelphia Phillies / Chicago Cubs / Pittsburgh Pirates
658 Ken Tatum RC California Angels
662 Frank Lucchesi MGR, RC Philadelphia Phillies
669 White Sox 1970 Rookie Stars (Bart Johnson / Dan Lazar / Mickey Scott) RS, RC Chicago White Sox
681 Bob Garibaldi RC San Francisco Giants
683 Reds 1970 Rookie Stars (Vern Geishert / Hal McRae / Wayne Simpson) RS, RC Cincinnati Reds
689 Frank Tepedino RC New York Yankees
702 A.L. 1970 Rookie Stars (Bob Johnson / Ron Klimkowski / Bill Zepp) RS, RC Kansas City Royals / New York Yankees / Minnesota Twins
703 Lou Marone RC Pittsburgh Pirates
704 Frank Baker RC Cleveland Indians
706 John McNamara MGR, RC Oakland Athletics
716 Cards 1970 Rookie Stars (Sal Campisi / Reggie Cleveland / Santiago Guzman) RS, RC St. Louis Cardinals


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