1970 Topps

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  1   World Champions (New York Mets) TC   New York Mets
  2   Diego Segui   Seattle Pilots
  3   Darrel Chaney   Cincinnati Reds
  4   Tom Egan   California Angels
  5   Wes Parker   Los Angeles Dodgers
  6   Grant Jackson   Philadelphia Phillies
  7   Indians 1970 Rookie Stars (Gary Boyd / Russ Nagelson) RS, RC   Cleveland Indians
  8   Jose Martinez RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  9   1st Series Checklist: 1-132 CL  
  10   Carl Yastrzemski   Boston Red Sox

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  • 2nd and final set to include Seattle Pilots cards even though team had already moved to Milwaukee to become the Brewers.
  • Wax packs were $0.10 for 10 cards. This was the first year that $0.05 wax packs were made unavailable since Topps made them available in 1952. Penny packs stopped after 1965.
  • Cello packs were $0.25 for 33 cards.
  • Rack packs were $0.39 for 54 cards.
  • Carlos May was named to the 1969 Topps All-Star Rookie Team but his #18 card is missing the trophy designation.
  • The set was released in seven series. Series 6 is #547-633. Series 7 is #634-720.

User Comments

Nov 13, 2021 - 5:44PM

I used to be obsessed with this set as a child. Mind you I was born in 80, so by time i was old enough to start collecting seeing one of these bad boys was a real treat. They still are.

Nov 3, 2021 - 1:52PM

First packs bought. First card was #1 Mets Team Card (World Champions). Since I lived in update New York naturally the Mets became my favorite team - I mean, who wouldn't want to root for the world champs!

Oct 18, 2020 - 5:00PM

This was my first introduction to baseball cards. My parents must have purchased them as I just remember having a handful of cards and then a few more in 1971. In 1972 I got interested, opened packs and did some trading...mostly to eliminate duplicates. I then started looking for those few 1970 cards I had thrown in a draw with other toys and pulled them into my collection.

A few cards (playing cards, Batman cards, baseball cards, can't remember which) were clothes pinned on bike wheels to make a cool sound :0

Anything older than 1970 has always been "back issue" in my mind.


Posted by: ComposerMike
May 25, 2021 - 6:59PM


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