1967 Topps

Rookie Cards

65 record(s)

11 Barry Moore RC Washington Senators
12 Dodgers 1967 Rookie Stars (Jimmy Campanis / Bill Singer) RS, RC Los Angeles Dodgers
33 Athletics 1967 Rookie Stars (Sal Bando / Randy Schwartz) RS, RC Kansas City Athletics
51 Astros 1967 Rookie Stars (Dave Adlesh / Wes Bales) RS, RC Houston Astros
57 Pat Jarvis RC Atlanta Braves
72 Tigers 1967 Rookie Stars (George Korince / Tom Matchick) RS, RC, UER Detroit Tigers
76 Jim Barbieri RC Los Angeles Dodgers
89 Felix Millan RC Atlanta Braves
90 Jim Nash RC, ASR Kansas City Athletics
93 Yankees 1967 Rookie Stars (Stan Bahnsen / Bobby Murcer) RS, RC New York Yankees
104 Minnie Rojas RC California Angels
115 Paul Casanova RC Washington Senators
123 Pirates 1967 Rookie Stars (Jim Price / Luke Walker) RS, RC Pittsburgh Pirates
137 Twins 1967 Rookie Stars (Ron Clark / Jim Ollom) RS, RC Minnesota Twins
167 Senators 1967 Rookie Stars (Joe Coleman / Tim Cullen) RS, RC Washington Senators
179 Braves 1967 Rookie Stars (Charles Vaughan / Cecil Upshaw) RS, RC Atlanta Braves
185 Ken Holtzman RC Chicago Cubs
204 Orioles 1967 Rookie Stars (Mike Epstein / Tom Phoebus) RS, RC Baltimore Orioles
213 Jay Johnstone RC California Angels
253 Indians 1967 Rookie Stars (Bill Davis / Gus Gil) RS, RC Cleveland Indians
272 Cubs 1967 Rookie Stars (Bill Connors / Dave Dowling) RS, RC Chicago Cubs
273 Dick Lines RC Washington Senators
277 Steve Whitaker RC New York Yankees
287 Mets 1967 Rookie Stars (Greg Goossen / Bart Shirley) RS, RC New York Mets
298 Ron Davis RC Houston Astros
306 Bud Harrelson RC New York Mets
314 Red Sox 1967 Rookie Stars (Mike Andrews / Reggie Smith) RS, RC Boston Red Sox
341 Giants 1967 Rookie Stars (Dick Dietz / Bill Sorrell) RS, RC San Francisco Giants
344 Ossie Chavarria RC Kansas City Athletics
356 Larry Jaster RC St. Louis Cardinals
367 Angels 1967 Rookie Stars (Bill Kelso / Don Wallace) RS, RC California Angels
373 White Sox 1967 Rookie Stars (Duane Josephson / Fred Klages) RS, RC Chicago White Sox
384 Cards 1967 Rookie Stars (Jim Cosman / Dick Hughes) RS, RC St. Louis Cardinals
388 Arnold Earley RC Chicago Cubs
395 Chris Short RC Philadelphia Phillies
402 Phillies 1967 Rookie Stars (Grant Jackson / Bill Wilson) RS, RC, VAR Philadelphia Phillies
402 Phillies 1967 Rookie Stars (Grant Jackson / Bill Wilson) RS, RC, VAR Philadelphia Phillies
412 Astros 1967 Rookie Stars (Norm Miller / Doug Rader) RS, RC Houston Astros
428 Dodgers 1967 Rookie Stars (Tom Hutton / Gene Michael) RS, RC Los Angeles Dodgers
442 Yankees 1967 Rookie Stars (Bill Robinson / Joe Verbanic) RS, RC New York Yankees
459 Senators 1967 Rookie Stars (Dick Bosman / Pete Craig) RS, RC Washington Senators
472 Pirates 1967 Rookie Stars (John Gelnar / George Spriggs) RS, RC Pittsburgh Pirates
486 Twins 1967 Rookie Stars (Rich Reese / Bill Whitby) RS, RC Minnesota Twins
489 Doug Clemens RC Philadelphia Phillies
497 Ron Campbell RC Chicago Cubs
499 Indians 1967 Rookie Stars (George Culver / Jose Vidal) RS, RC Cleveland Indians
504 Orlando Martinez RC Atlanta Braves
507 Orioles 1967 Rookie Stars (Ed Barnowski / Larry Haney) RS, RC Baltimore Orioles
526 Tigers 1967 Rookie Stars (Pat Dobson / George Korince) RS, RC Detroit Tigers
532 Jim Hicks RC Chicago White Sox
536 Cubs 1967 Rookie Stars (Joe Niekro / Paul Popovich) RS, RC Chicago Cubs
542 Athletics 1967 Rookie Stars (Rick Monday / Tony Pierce) RS, RC, DP Kansas City Athletics
547 Red Sox 1967 Rookie Stars (Russ Gibson / Bill Rohr) RS, RC, DP Boston Red Sox
553 Yankees 1967 Rookie Stars (Mike Hegan / Thad Tillotson) RS, RC New York Yankees
558 Orioles 1967 Rookie Stars (Mark Belanger / Bill Dillman) RS, RC Baltimore Orioles
564 Astros 1967 Rookie Stars (Alonzo Harris / Aaron Pointer) RS, RC, DP Houston Astros
569 A. League Rookie Stars (Rod Carew / Hank Allen) RS, RC, DP Minnesota Twins / Washington Senators
575 Dave Boswell RC Minnesota Twins
576 N. League Rookie Stars (Ramon Hernandez / Norm Gigon) RS, RC Atlanta Braves / Chicago Cubs
581 Mets 1967 Rookie Stars (Bill Denehy / Tom Seaver) RS, RC New York Mets
587 N. League Rookie Stars (Don Shaw / Gary Sutherland) RS, RC New York Mets / Philadelphia Phillies
592 N. League Rookie Stars (Jim Shellenback / Ron Willis) RS, RC Pittsburgh Pirates / St. Louis Cardinals
598 White Sox 1967 Rookie Stars (Walt Williams / Ed Stroud) RS, RC Chicago White Sox
603 Athletics 1967 Rookie Stars (Tim Talton / Ramon Webster) RS, RC Kansas City Athletics
608 Cubs 1967 Rookie Stars (Rich Nye / John Upham) RS, RC, DP Chicago Cubs


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