1990-91 Pro Set

Rookie Cards

221 record(s)

3 Lyndon Byers RC Boston Bruins
7 Garry Galley RC, ERR Boston Bruins
7 Garry Galley RC, COR Boston Bruins
22 Dean Kennedy RC, UER Buffalo Sabres
24 Grant Ledyard RC Buffalo Sabres
26 Alexander Mogilny RC Buffalo Sabres
30 Dave Snuggerud RC Buffalo Sabres
38 Sergei Makarov RC Calgary Flames
44 Paul Ranheim RC, UER Calgary Flames
73 Joey Kocur RC Detroit Red Wings
78 Daniel Shank RC Detroit Red Wings
80 Rick Zombo RC Detroit Red Wings
83 Martin Gelinas RC, UER Edmonton Oilers
84 Adam Graves RC, UER Edmonton Oilers
88 Mark Lamb RC Edmonton Oilers
93 Joe Murphy RC Edmonton Oilers
98 Mikael Andersson RC Hartford Whalers
100 Yvon Corriveau RC, UER Hartford Whalers
106 Grant Jennings RC Hartford Whalers
107 Todd Krygier RC Hartford Whalers
110 Brad Shaw RC Hartford Whalers
116 Todd Elik RC Los Angeles Kings
122 Bob Kudelski RC, UER Los Angeles Kings
135 Shane Churla RC Minnesota North Stars
142 Mike Modano RC Minnesota North Stars
144 Ville Siren RC Minnesota North Stars
145 Mark Tinordi RC Minnesota North Stars
151 Mike Keane RC Montreal Canadiens
152 Stephan Lebeau RC Montreal Canadiens
158 Mathieu Schneider RC, UER Montreal Canadiens
167 Viacheslav Fetisov RC, ERR New Jersey Devils
167 Viacheslav Fetisov RC, COR New Jersey Devils
169 Alexei Kasatonov RC, VAR New Jersey Devils
169 Alexei Kasatonov RC, VAR New Jersey Devils
169 Alexei Kasatonov RC, VAR New Jersey Devils
169 Alexei Kasatonov RC, VAR New Jersey Devils
171 David Maley RC, ERR New Jersey Devils
171 David Maley RC, COR New Jersey Devils
173 Janne Ojanen RC New Jersey Devils
178 Ken Baumgartner RC New York Islanders
181 Mark Fitzpatrick RC New York Islanders
183 Glenn Healy RC, UER New York Islanders
188 Hubie McDonough RC, UER New York Islanders
198 Miloslav Horava RC, ERR New York Rangers
198 Miloslav Horava RC, COR New York Rangers
199 Mark Janssens RC New York Rangers
208 Darren Turcotte RC, UER New York Rangers
213 Jeff Chychrun RC Philadelphia Flyers
221 Gordon Murphy RC Philadelphia Flyers
237 Troy Loney RC Pittsburgh Penguins
239 Mark Recchi RC Pittsburgh Penguins
240 Kevin Stevens RC, UER Pittsburgh Penguins
251 Curtis Leschyshyn RC Quebec Nordiques
252 Claude Loiselle RC Quebec Nordiques
255 Ken McRae RC Quebec Nordiques
259 Rod Brind'Amour RC, UER St. Louis Blues
264 Mike Lalor RC, UER St. Louis Blues
265 Dave Lowry RC, UER St. Louis Blues
268 Sergio Momesso RC, UER St. Louis Blues
270 Vincent Riendeau RC St. Louis Blues
290 Gilles Thibaudeau RC, UER Toronto Maple Leafs
296 Vladimir Krutov RC Vancouver Canucks
297 Igor Larionov RC Vancouver Canucks
300 Jyrki Lumme RC, UER Vancouver Canucks
310 John Druce RC Washington Capitals
317 Alan May RC Washington Capitals
319 Michal Pivonka RC, UER Washington Capitals
328 Bob Essensa RC Winnipeg Jets
334 Teppo Numminen RC Winnipeg Jets
402 Petr Nedved DPK, RC Vancouver Canucks
407 Peter Douris RC Boston Bruins
410 Stephane Quintal RC Boston Bruins
411 Bruce Shoebottom RC Boston Bruins
412 Don Sweeney RC Boston Bruins
413 Jim Wiemer RC Boston Bruins
414 Mike Hartman RC Buffalo Sabres
417 Bill Houlder RC Buffalo Sabres
419 Robert Ray RC Buffalo Sabres
421 Jiri Hrdina RC Pittsburgh Penguins
423 Tim Hunter RC Calgary Flames
424 Roger Johansson RC Calgary Flames
428 Jacques Cloutier RC Chicago Blackhawks
431 Mike Hudson RC Chicago Blackhawks
432 Jocelyn Lemieux RC Chicago Blackhawks
435 Brent Fedyk RC Detroit Red Wings
439 Jeff Beukeboom RC Edmonton Oilers
440 Dave Brown RC Edmonton Oilers
441 Kelly Buchberger RC Edmonton Oilers
443 Chris Joseph RC Edmonton Oilers
445 Eldon Reddick RC Edmonton Oilers
446 Geoff Smith RC Edmonton Oilers
447 Adam Burt RC Hartford Whalers
450 Ed Kastelic RC Hartford Whalers
452 Mike Tomlak RC Hartford Whalers
456 Rod Buskas RC Los Angeles Kings
457 John McIntyre RC Los Angeles Kings
459 Perry Berezan RC Minnesota North Stars
464 Chris Dahlquist RC Minnesota North Stars
465 Neil Wilkinson RC Minnesota North Stars
466 Jean-Jacques Daigneault RC Montreal Canadiens



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