1955 Bowman

Rookie Cards

61 record(s)

  7   Gene Baker RC   Chicago Cubs
  14   Gus Keriazakos RC   Washington Senators
  15   Frank Sullivan RC   Boston Red Sox
  31   Johnny Temple RC   Cincinnati Reds
  35   Bill Tuttle RC   Detroit Tigers
  36   Wayne Belardi RC   Detroit Tigers
  39   Bob Darnell RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  42   Bob Greenwood RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  51   Elvin Tappe RC, UER   Chicago Cubs
  62   Royce Lint RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  65   Don Zimmer RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  68   Elston Howard RC   New York Yankees
  75   Brooks Lawrence RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  77   Jim McDonald RC   Baltimore Orioles
  82   Lee Walls RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  84   George Freese RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  90   Art Ditmar RC   Kansas City Athletics
  91   Dick Marlowe RC   Detroit Tigers
  96   Ray Narleski RC   Cleveland Indians
  113   Bob Hall RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  115   Roger Bowman RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  120   Ed Burtschy RC   Kansas City Athletics
  121   Rufus Crawford RC, UER   Detroit Tigers
  123   Marv Grissom RC   New York Giants
  125   Paul Giel RC   New York Giants
  129   Hal Naragon RC   Cleveland Indians
  133   Chick King RC   Detroit Tigers
  142   Rudy Regalado RC   Cleveland Indians
  145   Bob Nieman RC   Chicago White Sox
  150   Billy Klaus RC   Boston Red Sox
  154   Frank Lary RC   Detroit Tigers
  167   Bob Grim RC   New York Yankees
  175   Billy Shantz RC   Kansas City Athletics
  178   Tom Brewer RC   Boston Red Sox
  198   Dave Pope RC   Cleveland Indians
  204a   Frank Bolling RC, ERR   Detroit Tigers
  204b   Frank Bolling RC, COR   Detroit Tigers
  206   Ralph Beard RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  211   Sonny Dixon RC   Kansas City Athletics
  222   Russ Kemmerer RC   Boston Red Sox
  228   Bubba Phillips RC   Detroit Tigers
  229   Jim Brosnan RC   Chicago Cubs
  249   Billy Gardner RC   New York Giants
  254   Bennett Flowers RC   Detroit Tigers
  257   Tom Alston RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  259   Don Mossi RC, UER   Cleveland Indians
  261   Walt Moryn RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  264   Bill Henry RC   Boston Red Sox
  268   Roy Lee Hawes RC   Washington Senators
  269   Joe Amalfitano RC   New York Giants
  270   Chico Fernandez RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  278   Charles Neal RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  287   Ron Mrozinski RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  288   Dick H. Smith RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  290   Hershell Freeman RC   Boston Red Sox
  292   Marv Blaylock RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  296   Bill Virdon RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  302   Frank Malzone RC   Boston Red Sox
  310   Ken Lehman RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  319   Al Schroll RC   Boston Red Sox
  320   George Susce RC   Boston Red Sox


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