1979 Topps

Rookie Cards

90 record(s)

8 Charles Phillips RC Oakland Raiders
17 Dwight McDonald RC San Diego Chargers
27 Steve Little RC St. Louis Cardinals
28 Morris Bradshaw RC Oakland Raiders
33 Johnny Evans RC Cleveland Browns
36 Tim Mazzetti RC Atlanta Falcons
37 Mike Barber RC Houston Oilers
39 Bill Gregory RC Seattle Seahawks
42 Henry Marshall RC Kansas City Chiefs
44 Sidney Thornton RC Pittsburgh Steelers
48 Doug Williams RC Tampa Bay Buccaneers
53 Mark Miller RC Cleveland Browns
62 Larry Mallory RC New York Giants
75 Al Baker AP, RC Detroit Lions
77 Steve DeBerg RC San Francisco 49ers
78 John Yarno RC Seattle Seahawks
80 Frank Corral AP, RC Los Angeles Rams
85 Wilbert Montgomery AP, RC Philadelphia Eagles
98 Frank Reed RC Atlanta Falcons
99 Jim Clack RC New York Giants
104 Craig Colquitt RC Pittsburgh Steelers
128 Arthur Whittington RC Oakland Raiders
135 Ross Browner RC Cincinnati Bengals
137 David Whitehurst RC Green Bay Packers
139 Ken Stone RC St. Louis Cardinals
146 Steve Wilson RC Tampa Bay Buccaneers
147 Tom Skladany AP, RC Detroit Lions
171 Doug Nettles RC Baltimore Colts
178 Freddie Scott RC Detroit Lions
182 Tony Hill RC Dallas Cowboys
186 Bobby Jackson RC New York Jets
193 Neil O'Donoghue RC Tampa Bay Buccaneers
202 Leroy Harris RC Miami Dolphins
203 Eric Williams RC St. Louis Cardinals
216 Dennis Johnson RC Buffalo Bills
217 John Jefferson RC San Diego Chargers
218 Gary Weaver RC Green Bay Packers
223 Jim Obradovich RC Tampa Bay Buccaneers
228 Randy Dean RC New York Giants
231 Mike Dawson RC St. Louis Cardinals
233 Ken MacAfee RC San Francisco 49ers
238 Zenon Andrusyshyn RC Kansas City Chiefs
245 Blair Bush RC Cincinnati Bengals
253 Gary Danielson RC Detroit Lions
258 Ricky Bell RC Tampa Bay Buccaneers
267 Matt Robinson RC New York Jets
272 Eason Ramson RC St. Louis Cardinals
273 Steve Towle RC Miami Dolphins
276 Bob Kuziel RC Washington Redskins
289 Scott Perry RC Cincinnati Bengals
297 Ricky Thompson RC Washington Redskins
302 Scott Bull RC San Francisco 49ers
307 Shafer Suggs RC New York Jets
308 Ozzie Newsome RC Cleveland Browns
310 James Lofton RC Green Bay Packers
316 Larry Tearry RC Detroit Lions
322 George Roberts RC Miami Dolphins
327 Derrick Gaffney RC New York Jets
339 Stan Walters AP, RC Philadelphia Eagles
341 Horace Ivory RC New England Patriots
343 Greg Coleman RC Minnesota Vikings
344 Doug English AP, RC Detroit Lions
349 Cornell Webster RC Seattle Seahawks
351 Ron Johnson RC Pittsburgh Steelers
363 Bill Bryan RC Denver Broncos
367 Keith Wortman RC St. Louis Cardinals
369 Mike Michel RC Philadelphia Eagles
389 Ed O'Neil RC Detroit Lions
390 Earl Campbell AP, RC Houston Oilers
401 Doug Beaudoin RC New England Patriots
409 Vince Ferragamo RC Los Angeles Rams
411 Donnie Shell RC Pittsburgh Steelers
414 Don Bass RC Cincinnati Bengals
427 Luther Blue RC Detroit Lions
435 Willie Miller RC Los Angeles Rams
446 Rick Danmeier RC Minnesota Vikings
452 Ron Mikolajczyk RC New York Giants
463 Terdell Middleton RC Green Bay Packers
464 Mike Wood RC St. Louis Cardinals
472 Al Dixon RC New York Giants
474 Louis Breeden RC Cincinnati Bengals
492 Dan Doornink RC New York Giants
498 Billy Waddy RC Los Angeles Rams
499 Hank Bauer RC San Diego Chargers
508 Jimbo Elrod RC Kansas City Chiefs
511 Terry Miller RC Buffalo Bills
512 June Jones RC Atlanta Falcons
519 Kevin Long RC New York Jets
524 Cliff Parsley RC Houston Oilers
527 Bob Brudzinski RC Los Angeles Rams


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