1970 Topps

Rookie Cards

95 record(s)

2 Doug Hart RC Green Bay Packers
4 Ralph Neely RC Dallas Cowboys
5 Harmon Wages RC Atlanta Falcons
6 Dan Conners RC Oakland Raiders
11 Ed Flanagan RC Detroit Lions
12 George Seals RC Chicago Bears
14 Mike Haffner RC Denver Broncos
16 Bill Peterson RC Cincinnati Bengals
19 Jim Beirne RC Houston Oilers
24 Larry Brown RC Washington Redskins
25 Jan Stenerud RC Kansas City Chiefs
26 Rolf Krueger RC St. Louis Cardinals
29 Gene Washington RC Minnesota Vikings
32 Jerry Rush RC Detroit Lions
33 Len St. Jean RC Boston Patriots
34 Randy Edmunds RC Miami Dolphins
42 Andy Rice RC Cincinnati Bengals
43 Elvin Bethea RC Houston Oilers
51 Jim Lynch RC Kansas City Chiefs
52 Mel Farr RC Detroit Lions
53 Bob Long RC Washington Redskins
54 John Elliott RC New York Jets
59 Alan Page RC Minnesota Vikings
61 Glen Ray Hines RC Houston Oilers
64 Tom Beier RC San Francisco 49ers
67 Sam Brunelli RC Denver Broncos
72 Harold Jackson RC Philadelphia Eagles
75 Lem Barney RC Detroit Lions
79 Ken Bowman RC Green Bay Packers
81 Gene Washington RC San Francisco 49ers
86 Royce Berry RC Cincinnati Bengals
89 Jerry LeVias RC Houston Oilers
90 O.J. Simpson RC Buffalo Bills
91 Mike Howell RC Cleveland Browns
94 Larry Seiple RC Miami Dolphins
95 Rich Jackson RC Denver Broncos
96 Rockne Freitas RC Detroit Lions
97 Dick Post RC San Diego Chargers
98 Ben Hawkins RC Philadelphia Eagles
99 Ken Reaves RC Atlanta Falcons
101 Dave Rowe RC New Orleans Saints
107 Ray Mansfield RC Pittsburgh Steelers
110 Bob Trumpy RC Cincinnati Bengals
114 Bubba Smith RC Baltimore Colts
117 Bo Scott RC Cleveland Browns
120 George Webster RC, UER Houston Oilers
121 Chuck Walton RC Detroit Lions
123 Al Dodd RC New Orleans Saints
128 Emerson Boozer RC New York Jets
131 Gale Gillingham RC Green Bay Packers
133 Chuck Walker RC St. Louis Cardinals
136 Dan Darragh RC Buffalo Bills
137 Paul Robinson RC Cincinnati Bengals
138 Ed Philpott RC Boston Patriots
140 Tom Dempsey RC New Orleans Saints
141 Al Nelson RC Philadelphia Eagles
146 John Huard RC Denver Broncos
149 Larry Hand RC Detroit Lions
151 Tom Mack RC Los Angeles Rams
153 Don Herrmann RC New York Giants
155 Hoyle Granger RC Houston Oilers
156 Claude Humphrey RC Atlanta Falcons
159 Don Horn RC Green Bay Packers
161 Tom Neville RC Boston Patriots
163 Doug Buffone RC Chicago Bears
165 Haven Moses RC Buffalo Bills
167 Tim Rossovich RC Philadelphia Eagles
168 Bill Bergey RC Cincinnati Bengals
179 Mike Garrett RC Kansas City Chiefs
181 Tom Regner RC Houston Oilers
185 Dennis Partee RC San Diego Chargers
187 Martin Baccaglio RC Cincinnati Bengals
194 Ron Snidow RC Cleveland Browns
195 Earl McCullouch RC Detroit Lions
196 Jake Kupp RC New Orleans Saints
197 Bob Lurtsema RC New York Giants
198 Mike Current RC Denver Broncos
199 Charlie Smith RC Oakland Raiders
202 Aaron Brown RC Kansas City Chiefs
206 Russ Washington RC San Diego Chargers
207 Woody Peoples RC San Francisco 49ers
209 John Zook RC Atlanta Falcons
211 Howard Fest RC Cincinnati Bengals
222 David Lee RC Baltimore Colts
231 Bill Thompson RC Denver Broncos
235 Greg Cook RC Cincinnati Bengals
241 Chuck Hinton RC Pittsburgh Steelers
243 Tony Baker RC New Orleans Saints
247 Fred Dryer RC New York Giants
256 Mac Percival RC Chicago Bears
257 George Goeddeke RC Denver Broncos
259 Bob Berry RC Atlanta Falcons
260 Calvin Hill RC, VAR Dallas Cowboys
260 Calvin Hill RC, VAR Dallas Cowboys
262 Ed Weisacosky RC Miami Dolphins


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