1991-92 Fleer

Rookie Cards

69 record(s)

  9   Dee Brown RC   Boston Celtics
  50   Marcus Liberty RC   Denver Nuggets
  82   Bob Hill CO, RC   Indiana Pacers
  106   Bimbo Coles RC   Miami Heat
  162   Negele Knight RC   Phoenix Suns
  175   Duane Causwell RC   Sacramento Kings
  176   Jim Les RC   Sacramento Kings
  206   A.J. English RC   Washington Bullets
  241   Stacey Augmon RC   Atlanta Hawks
  243   Paul Graham RC   Atlanta Hawks
  244   Rodney Monroe RC   Atlanta Hawks
  248   Rick Fox RC   Boston Celtics
  251   Stojko Vrankovic RC   Boston Celtics
  255   Larry Johnson RC   Charlotte Hornets
  259   Scott Williams RC   Chicago Bulls
  262   Terrell Brandon RC   Cleveland Cavaliers
  263   Henry James RC   Cleveland Cavaliers
  265   Jimmy Oliver RC   Cleveland Cavaliers
  268   Donald Hodge RC   Dallas Mavericks
  269   Mike Iuzzolino RC   Dallas Mavericks
  271   Doug Smith RC   Dallas Mavericks
  273   Kevin Brooks RC   Denver Nuggets
  276   Mark Macon RC   Denver Nuggets
  277   Dikembe Mutombo RC, VAR   Denver Nuggets
  277   Dikembe Mutombo RC, VAR   Denver Nuggets
  279   Lance Blanks RC   Detroit Pistons
  281   Charles Thomas RC   Detroit Pistons
  284   Victor Alexander RC   Golden State Warriors
  285   Vincent Askew RC   Golden State Warriors
  286   Mario Elie RC   Golden State Warriors
  288   Billy Owens RC   Golden State Warriors
  289   Matt Bullard RC   Houston Rockets
  290   Carl Herrera RC   Houston Rockets
  292   John Turner RC   Houston Rockets
  293   Dale Davis RC, UER   Indiana Pacers
  294   Sean Green RC   Indiana Pacers
  295   Kenny Williams RC   Indiana Pacers
  297   LeRon Ellis RC   Los Angeles Clippers
  299   Loy Vaught RC   Los Angeles Clippers
  300   Elden Campbell RC   Los Angeles Lakers
  302   Keith Owens RC   Los Angeles Lakers
  303   Tony Smith RC   Los Angeles Lakers
  305   Keith Askins RC   Miami Heat
  306   Alec Kessler RC   Miami Heat
  308   Alan Ogg RC   Miami Heat
  309   Steve Smith RC   Miami Heat
  313   Steve Henson RC   Milwaukee Bucks
  319   Gerald Glass RC   Minnesota Timberwolves
  320   Luc Longley RC   Minnesota Timberwolves
  322   Kenny Anderson RC   New Jersey Nets
  324   Terry Mills RC   New Jersey Nets
  325   Greg Anthony RC   New York Knicks
  326   Anthony Mason RC   New York Knicks
  330   John Starks RC   New York Knicks
  331   Stanley Roberts RC   Orlando Magic
  334   Brian Williams RC   Orlando Magic
  341   Jerrod Mustaf RC   Phoenix Suns
  344   Alaa Abdelnaby RC   Portland Trail Blazers
  345   Robert Pack RC   Portland Trail Blazers
  347   Anthony Bonner RC   Sacramento Kings
  348   Pete Chilcutt RC   Sacramento Kings
  351   Dwayne Schintzius RC   Sacramento Kings
  356   Greg Sutton RC   San Antonio Spurs
  359   Marty Conlon RC   Seattle SuperSonics
  360   Rich King RC   Seattle SuperSonics
  362   David Benoit RC   Utah Jazz
  365   Eric Murdock RC   Utah Jazz
  369   Larry Stewart RC   Washington Bullets
  370   Andre Turner RC   Washington Bullets


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