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PLEASE NOTE: I'm collecting higher grade sets for the ones on my wantlist. I am willing to receive trade offers for cards on my wantlist if what you're offering is in NM condition. If so, please feel free to message me with what you'd like to propose. 

About me

I collected baseball cards with my Dad in the 80's. We primarily built sets (back to the mid 60's) and collected HOF and star rookie cards. Our collection was pretty solid, and when it came time for college, I sold off most of my key cards to pay for tuition. After many years, I'm finally back to the hobby to start rebuilding the sets I had to break up and finish the sets we never completed.

What I collect

I collect pre-90's baseball. Currently trying to finish sets in Near Mint condition (raw, not professionally graded) from the late 60's through 1989. I'm shooting for Near Mint cards 1973 to 1989 and at least strong ExMt for anything older. I'm trying to collect the master sets for these years, so if I have a VAR/ERR marked on my wantlist that is the actual one I am looking for.

My For Sale/Trade list

Most of my FS/T list from the 80's are Near Mint + cards I pulled from the packs or vendor boxes back in the day. Cards from the 70's and older on my FS/T list are in a variety of conditions- please don’t hesitate to inquire about specific cards.


I’m always open to counter-offers so please be flexible yourself. I’m open to trades from small PWE to large lots. I will trade across sports (e.g. football for baseball) and a trade doesn't have to have even numbers of cards exchanged. I will usually share photos of the cards I'm offering before finalizing the trade. Also, if you have pre 90's baseball cards (or Detroit Tigers memorabilia) to trade that aren't on my wantlist or in my collection, feel free to offer them- I'll probably collect them eventually. :)

Finally, I'll sell any cards on my For Sale/Trade list for a reasonable price plus enough to cover shipping. Feel free to make an offer.

Go Tigers!





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