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The vast majority of my collection comes from packs from the late 70's to the early 90's.  Always kept in a smoke free home.  The late 70's cards and early 80's were well handled and won't be fetching any PSA 10s.  Did a very good job after that keeping cards in binders/sleeves/top loaders so they are in better shape.

  I started out as a set builder but then stepped away from the hobby for a while (mid 90s) due the pack prices being too expensive and there being way too many sets to build.  I came back for a while in late 90's with a mission to complete a lifetime Cubs Topps set.  This limited my scope to something I could realistically complete and I was a good portion of the way there already.  In January 2020, I saw a movie about a guy that decided his cards were worthless and burned them and somehow that sparked me to go the opposite way and try to complete that lifetime Cubs set. 

  My lifetime Topps Cubs set is now complete.  I consider all Cubs cards as premium cards as I am a lifelong fan. I try not to include a lot of my Cubs in trade proposals because while they are premium to me they may not be to you. I am currently looking for cards in this order:

  1. Current Topps Cubs cards to maintain my lifetime set
  2. Cubs Topps cards from before I was born
  3. non Topps Cubs that I don't currently own
  4. filling in blanks for my non Cub favorite players
  5. 2021 Topps yellow to complete that set

  I am open to trade and have lots of duplicates that I am adding to my trade list and also have been trying to update my wantlist to fill in my blanks.  I am not really into graded cards, relics, autos, or limited cards and try to stick with base sets which are raw for my collection.  It makes more sense to me to trade on here rather than buy on ebay.  I like helping other collectors out with what they need and they can help me out in return.  I am partial to the collector that really enjoys the cards rather than a business entity that is trying to make a buck on them.

  A great trade for me would be 18 commons in a PWE that I need (hopefully Cubs) for 18 commons in a PWE that you need.  I made a video detailiing my PWE trade process.  I also made a part 2 to that video in which I go over how to package and send a PWE.

  I tend to consider site pricing when making an offer.  I know that it is not perfect but is theoretically imperfect the same on both sides.  I am open to a counter because I am guessing what cards you would want based on your wantlist and you actually know.  

Please do not use scotch tape on the inside of any of the card packaging and use painters tape instead.  Scotch tape is a nightmare to get off plus mint cards and sticky residue are a bad combination.

Tips for proposing a trade with me

  • Cards are on my trade list because they are duplicates and not because I think they are junk and am trying to get rid of them on a fire sale
  • Staying within the era (modern for modern or vintage for vintage) is good since I save my vintage for other vintage that I need
  • Don't ask for inserts, stars, and hot rookies for commons in return
  • It is human nature to try to slant the transaction in your favor,  do your best to realize that and don't do it

The easiest way is rarely the best way





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