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Update 12/31/2022:

New Update:  I have turned trading back off again for a bit. 

Work will have some very busy times, so there will be times when I may be very slow to respond to trades.  It will depend on how much thought needed, and breaks between work.  

Originally collected in the 70's, so I am mainly working on the 70's sets, and modern throwback.  

Mainly working on for older re:

'70 Topps Baseball  &  '72 Topps Baseball

'70 Topps Football

Kelloggs and Hostess

New Sets:

Topps Archives (All)

Topps Heritage (Mainly 2020-)

As far as cards for trade, some early years of my 70's are in "well-loved" condition, while others tend to be nicer.  Please feel free to ask.  I have tried to weed out the garbage, but if I see something I will let you know.  Any cards that are 2000 (and most past 1980) and newer will be pack fresh. 





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