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I was a life long collector of sports cards up to the "Junk Era" then stopped in the early 1990's.  As you can see by the picture, the collection had taken over one room of my house (I could post a worse picture of the closet and floor).  So after 25+ years of not touching  them, I took the leap a couple of weeks ago to start digging.  I am excited and enthusiastic to discover and rediscover the collection I had forgotten or never knew...  I have given myself 10-12 years to sell my PC (I need the floor space, closet, and room back) ...  So I am hoping to make a little money and hopefully help other collectors, set builders, etc.   I have way too many cards too list but really good at 1977 to the early 1990's and apparently I specialize in regional and oddball material.  Who knew?  I have noticed that I really do have all sports and a lot of non-sports and the kicker is 95% of my collection is unopened!!!  This is going to be a long 10-12 years...If anyone should happen to read this besides me, message me...

I am hoping to sell my collection before my wife gives it away at my funeral...





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